Heal these chakras to help you gain focus

Posted by Gabriella Jacob

Focus is the one word that often stands out in most success stories. Whether we talk about an exceptional student, a high-performing working professional, a successful entrepreneur, or a great leader, the focus is something that keeps them all ahead in the game. Focus often requires prioritization, a selection process, that you would choose an “X” activity or task over everything else. Furthermore, it is the ability to apply our concentration for as long as is necessary on the chosen task. The ability to focus is the secret behind all high achievers.

But why is it that only some have it and most don’t? Is it possible to develop focus? While there are no medicines to achieve focus, certain exercises and training your brain can help.

Another way that stands out in its ability to help you achieve focus is chakra healing. Chakras are energy centers that govern the flow of energy in the body. This vital energy is important for the existence and functioning of your body. Chakras govern your physical, emotional, and mental functions. By altering the state of the chakras we can bring about a change in all these functions. For focus when you balance the functions of certain chakras you will achieve better control over your mind and emotions.

This in turn can bring about better clarity of mind, decision making, and FOCUS. Major chakras to be addressed for this purpose would include Ajna chakra, Crown chakra, Throat chakra, and Solar Plexus chakra. 

Why is it difficult for most people to focus?

Heal these chakras to help you gain focus

Focus is often touted as the weakness of the 21st century. Parents find themselves complaining about their children lacking focus, young adults face it too, professionals often quote it as an obstacle. In short, lack of focus is a malaise that torments individuals across all age spectrums. There could be several reasons why people find it hard to focus. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Spoilt for choices

We are living in a world of constant diversions – whether it’s your favorite video game, Netflix, party with friends, etc. there are simply too many distractions. People often find it hard to prioritize, making it harder to focus. Sometimes, there is a lack of willpower to pull yourself out of temptation and do what is necessary. This is especially true for children and young adults who may find themselves straying easily.  

  • Lack of time

Sometimes when you need to produce results in a very short period of time, there can be big mistakes. These mistakes are often due to a lack of focus and inability to pay attention to details.  Big blunders can be made as a result of a time crunch, due to the way it affects our focus.  

  • A stressful situation

A stressful situation, often due to emotional outbursts can result in a complete lack of focus. This is evident from mistakes made by some great athletes and players on the ground, quite often during an important match.  Serena Williams’s outbursts at 2018, US Open, Women’s final is an example of how one may let the emotional stress get to them and lose focus of what is important.

  • Medical condition

Several medical conditions can make people of any age group lose focus. This includes – ADHD, dementia, schizophrenia, depression, etc. This kind of situation would need medical help.

There are several ways people might try to build or strengthen their focus. It mostly includes training the brain, playing certain types of games, ensuring adequate sleep and nutrition, relaxation techniques, etc.

What is Chakra Healing?

Heal these chakras to help you gain focus

Chakras are energy centers that regulate the energy flow in our entire body. This energy or vital force, also known by the name “prana”, “ki” or “chi”, is what keeps us alive.  Aside from providing the physical body the energy, chakras also determine our mental and emotional makeup. Chakras sometimes develop blockages, impacting the energy flow in the body. This manifests as physical or psychological problems. 

To understand this better, let us take the example of the solar plexus chakra. On the physical level, the solar plexus chakra regulates our digestive system. But it is also the center for emotions like - personal ego or “I”, anger, jealousy, insecurity, courage, persistence, etc. A well harmonized solar plexus will make an individual well balanced between his needs and those of others, but an out-of-balance solar plexus can aggravate the negative side of the chakra making a person selfish and self-centered.

The natural question to ask is, can we really change our emotional and mental makeup by changing the chakras? Yes, we can, and this is where chakra healing comes into the picture. 

While there are energy healing practices for chakras using crystals, chants, hatha yoga, etc. the one that stands out is Pranic Healing. A very advanced technique, Pranic Healing was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and spread rapidly across the world due to its ability to heal physical and emotional health issues. Pranic Healing provides a detailed guide to chakras, chakra locations, and the process to harmonize them. It employs a two-step process, first being the removal of blockages that may obstruct the flow of energy in the chakras and second, of putting fresh prana to strengthen them.

Issues ranging from common ailments to complex psychological issues can be treated using Pranic Healing.  

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Pranic Healing also teaches you a meditation that can help you bring inner peace and calmness and balance your misaligned chakras. This would have a direct connection to good physical and mental health.

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Focus – the chakra healing way!

Heal these chakras to help you gain focus

Chakra/Pranic healing can help you here. Apart from better focus, it can also help you decide what to focus on which, requires clarity of mind, and sound decision-making. Let us understand how this would work.

Focus means your undivided attention to a task, to the exclusion of every other task or activity. This is decided on the basis of prioritization, or by weighing what is critical for you at a given point in time.  Here, clarity of mind would be of paramount importance. The questions you may want to ask yourself include - what is the desired result you want, weighing consequences, what is important in the long run etc. Clear thinking helps you make better decisions and eventually helps you decide what you should focus on.

Correcting chakra imbalance, and strengthening the energy centers that perform these mental functions would definitely help with these activities.

The main energy centers that can help you get better focus include the following:

  • Ajna Chakra

Located between the eye-brows, Ajna or the third-eye chakra is an important center for decision making, willpower, and wisdom. This center gives you the much-needed clarity of mind, the ability to think long term, the ability to create a vision, and the willpower to maintain your focus. A strong Ajna is instrumental in making sure you follow through your plans and not give in to diversions along the way. Ajna is often called the "big boss" for these reasons. A strong Ajna chakra gives you a sense of direction and purpose. 

Located on top of the crown this center is important for illumination, inspiration, and intuition. These qualities can bring a lot of insight while making decisions or evaluating new ideas. Once you have these ingredients in place, it's hard not to be successful. Along with these functions, a strong crown will result in better brain functioning including sharp focus. A well balanced crown chakra will again help you to remain focussed on your higher purpose instead of running astray due to diversions. 

  • Throat Chakra

Located at the throat, this is a center for creativity and communication. It’s important for all kinds of expression, the way you interact with the world and your understanding of the same. Overthinking and worry can clog this chakra making you lose your focus. It can also make you indulge in nitpicking and getting involved in petty issues which can obstruct clear thinking. Therefore keeping a balanced throat chakra would be important to maintain clarity of mind, and your eye on the target. 

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

Located at the hollow area between the ribs, this is an important center that stores emotions like ego, persistence, fearlessness, courage, anger, irritation, selfishness, etc. It is important to keep these emotions in balance, make the right decisions, and follow through with them. A balanced solar plexus will allow you to focus objectively and not get swayed by the urges of your lower nature. It will also ensure you don't make emotional decisions in the heat of the moment. 

Say hello to higher productivity!

Chakra Healing has huge potential in the way it can help heal our physical ailments and emotional health. Although not utilized extensively so far, it is a very powerful tool and has the ability to improve many areas of our life, focus just being one of them. You can sharpen your mental abilities leading to a much more productive and successful life. All that you dreamt of achieving is possible with this energy healing modality! 

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