Chakra for money: How chakras affect your finances, success, and growth

Do chakras have an impact on our financial conditions? Many people would have overlooked this concept years ago, but in our modern age, due to the advancement of science, it is now safe to consider these concepts authentic and valid. Blockages in the chakra system can be a major reason that some people cannot earn […]

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Chakra Diseases: Cause, effects and techniques to overcome suffering

Chakras and subtle energies are often thought to be concepts of the East. However, they are universal and exist for all. They are a strong force governing the physical and emotional health of a person. Blockages in chakras result in disease. The disease can be physical, psychological, or both. Blockages in chakras can be for […]

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Healthy Hair by Making These Chakras Healthy

Hair loss can be depressing for men and women alike. Gone are the days when hair loss was associated with aging or was assumed to happen only to men. With today's hectic life and high-stress level, it is observed hair loss can kick in at any time in life for both genders. Sometimes it may […]

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Smoothen your lungs by working on these Chakras

Let us first understand the importance of lungs and how crucial they are for your survival. The lungs are an essential organ of your respiratory system that is assisting you to breathe. The human body and each and every cell in the body need oxygen to stay alive and healthy and this oxygen is supplied […]

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Heal the Ears with Chakra Healing

Ears are an important part of how we experience the world around us. Ear problems range from minor aches to serious issues like permanent ringing in the ear, partial or complete deafness, severe vertigo all of which can greatly impact the quality of life. In some cases, they can even lead to mental health issues. […]

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Improve your skin condition by working on these chakras

Skin diseases minor or major occur for everyone at some time in their life. They can be a cause for embarrassment in some cases and in some cases cause discomfort. Skin diseases shouldn't be taken lightly as they reflect what is going on internally within the body and can be an indicator of a deeper […]

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