How to heal Root Chakra for prosperity, survival and success

Posted by Rosetta Jermain

The “ancient” chakra system seems like a mystery to many. However, like many other things in life, there would be very little mystery, if you have the right source of information shedding light on this esoteric concept. 

The basic chakra is located at the base of the spine and is a very important energy center for success and prosperity in life. It is also responsible for our survival instinct, the vitality in our body, and physical strength. A person with a weak basic chakra would not be able to execute things and would also not have sufficient or steady source of income. Let us understand why.

Our physical body is alive and kicking as long as there is vital energy flowing through it. The flow of this vital energy is regulated by chakras. The body absorbs energy with their help and throws out used up energy through them.

If there are blockages in chakras, the energy input and output would falter. This would result in imbalanced chakras. When chakras remain imbalanced or misaligned for a long period of time, it manifests as a physical or psychological disease.

This happens as chakras determine our physical, emotional, and mental makeup. Hence when there are energy blockages, there may be physical sickness, behavioral imbalances, or psychological disorders.

Most schools of thought talk about 7 major chakras, which include root chakra (basic or base chakra), sacral chakra (sex chakra), solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, ajna chakra (third eye chakra), and crown chakra. Each chakra has its own specific location, properties, and organs it controls.

This interdependence between chakras and our thought pattern is due to the interdependence between our physical body and energy body. Whatever happens in one will reflect in the other. As a result, one can be changed through the other.

How to heal root chakra naturally?

How to heal Root Chakra for prosperity, survival and success

When your chakras get blocked, the energy flowing through them gets blocked. The reason for chakra blockage can be many, including the attitude and belief system of a person, environment, a sudden mishap or accident, etc.

Pranic healing can help heal root chakra naturally. This is a powerful technique for chakra balancing and is being practiced in more than 90 countries. Pranic healing can align your chakras to solve most of your everyday issues

Most ailments first appear in your energy body, and when this is left unattended, they physicalize in the form of the disease. Pranic Healing helps you to “scan” or gauge the energy level of the chakras and organs. This helps you to understand where the blockages are in the body, where the energy or prana level is low in the body, etc.

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Some of the other alternative therapies to heal the root chakra include sound therapy, color therapy, use of crystals, tantric practices, yoga poses, mantra chanting, etc. Healing crystals for root chakra include red jasper, garnet, black obsidian, black tourmaline, etc. 

These therapies including Pranic Healing can remove the root cause and also strengthen the chakras. This will ensure you don’t succumb to the same problem again and again.

Do remember to go only to a trained person for chakra alignment, as it can sometimes have an adverse effect if not done correctly.  

How to fix root chakra: Pranic Healing

All chakras have specific functions and locations. Perfect mental and physical health can be attained when all chakras are aligned. Sometimes a chakra that is far from an organ can also impact it even though it may not be governing that organ.

Pranic Healing is the perfect solution to fix your root chakra. It teaches you the technique to remove all kinds of blockages from chakras. This helps to remove energies that may be impacting you physically or mentally.

Pranic healing also teaches you how to project energy or prana to strengthen the chakra after blockages have been removed. This enables you to increase the size of the chakra or reduce the size in case it is overactive. This is unique to Pranic Healing and hardly ever taught openly.

Fixing the root chakra is very important for survival. An overactive root chakra will make you materialistic, hyperactive, and cause insomnia and restlessness. On the other hand, an underactive root or basic chakra could keep you unemployed or make it hard to earn a living. Some people due to an underactive basic chakra may also feel suicidal, depressed, and worthless.

This happens because your basic chakra is the center for survival instinct, sustainability, and a sense of stability. You cannot survive for long without money, hence when this energy center does not work correctly the person will face financial problems. Some people even describe the basic chakra as the prosperity center. 

The root chakra is also responsible for the muscular-skeletal system, skin, vitality, and strength of the human body. So, disorders of the spine, fractures, muscle or tendons-related problems, arthritis, gout, etc are all related to root chakra.

All these conditions can be corrected through Pranic Healing. It can also be used as a complementary therapy to the existing allopathic treatment. Pranic Healing is a non-invasive, no drug, no-touch form of healing.

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What does it mean when your throat chakra is blocked?

How to heal Root Chakra for prosperity, survival and success

Chakras have a strong influence on our life, the choices we make, the way we think and behave. Aligned chakras give us clarity of mind, intelligence but above all the much-coveted wisdom to differentiate between right and wrong. 

Lack of communication, creativity and attention to detail are all signs of a blocked throat chakra. Your throat chakra may go through two main conditions when it is not balanced. It may be either overactive or underactive.

When your throat chakra is overactive you may become highly critical of others, your communication may be very aggressive and there may be a tendency to bad mouth people. However, when your throat chakra is underactive, you may find it hard to express your true feelings making you timid or shy, you may not be able to think through the details making your plans unsuccessful and you may find it hard to influence people.

Overthinking, overanalyzing, and worrying are quite common for most people. Also, most of the time we think it is ok to criticize others and gossip. Unknown to most people these behavioral traits can also make us vulnerable to clogging of the throat chakra. Hence it is important to pay attention to what we think and speak. 

How to heal my throat chakra?

The throat chakra is an important thinking center for the body. Apart from being a center for communication, it helps us to be logical, rational, and analytical.

Pranic Healing can heal throat chakra safely, effectively cleaning and strengthening it. A balanced throat chakra makes you efficient. It helps you generate and process ideas, make quick decisions by analyzing different outcomes, it makes you creative and can bring out of box thinking, help you with risk analysis, express yourself with clarity, etc.

Throat chakra malfunctioning can also cause disorders related to the throat like goiter, thyroid, asthma, loss of voice, sore throat, etc. In addition to this energy from the basic chakra moves up to the brain through the energy channels. This energy is necessary for the healthy functioning of the brain. If the throat chakra is blocked, this energy would also be blocked and stagnate in the throat.

Honesty, discernment, accurate perception, clear expression, are some of the things that indicate a balanced throat chakra. Some of the other ways of healing throat chakra are color therapy by using the color blue, by using crystals with healing properties like lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, blue chalcedony, aquamarine, etc., by practicing yoga poses such as cobra pose, camel pose, plow pose, fish pose, etc.

How long does it take to align chakras?

How to heal Root Chakra for prosperity, survival and success

Chakra alignment can change your life by not only bringing positive energy and prosperity but also bringing in a lot of spiritual energy. Having said that, it is important to understand how the modality of your choice works before you sign up.

20 to 60 minutes is what a typical Pranic Healing session may take to align your chakras. This would also depend on the complexity of the ailment. Pranic Healing works on the fundamental principle that the human body knows how to heal itself. Blockages are created by an internal or external factor resulting in physical or psychological issues. Once the blockages are removed, the chakras would start to function properly.

While quite often one may see some difference in the first session itself, for the issue to resolve completely, it can take a few days, weeks, or months. This would again depend on the severity of the ailment and the length of period one has been affected by it.

Pranic Healing also has a unique technique to measure the size of the chakras. This makes the alignment substantially accurate. You can also gauge the dirty or negative energy in a specific organ or chakra and work on it accordingly.

Chakra alignment is also preventive care. If they are aligned the body and mind would be healthy. The chances of succumbing to problems reduce dramatically.


How to heal Root Chakra for prosperity, survival and success

Balanced chakras are your greatest friends. When in alignment they can make you joyful, smart, and very successful. You can try to develop some of the qualities that you wished for but did not have, using chakra healing. To give an example, a lazy person can be made active to a large extent by treating basic chakra.

It has been found, using the techniques of Pranic Healing, those going through financial trouble inevitably have a small or underactive basic chakra. With the strengthening of this chakra, a person may find change in their circumstances.

While in the material world, physical and tangible factors are important, the use of energy and chakras can be a game-changer. It can be a hidden tool to overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

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