Chakra imbalance symptoms: Guide on how to identify and work on chakras

Chakras are energy centers that rotate in a circular motion in both a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, absorbing and releasing prana during the process, ensuring emotional and mental well-being. Dysfunctioning chakra can manifest both emotional and physical symptoms Emotional issues  Physical issues Extreme mood swings Constant headache Unable to think clearly or focus Loss of […]

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How to heal Root Chakra for prosperity, survival and success

The “ancient” chakra system seems like a mystery to many. However, like many other things in life, there would be very little mystery, if you have the right source of information shedding light on this esoteric concept.  The basic chakra is located at the base of the spine and is a very important energy center […]

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Sacral chakra: Potent energy - improve your sexual, creative, emotional side

Sacral Chakra is one of the 11 major chakras humans possess, located in the pubic area and characterized by red and orange hues. The sacral chakra is responsible for human sexuality, creativity, and emotions, and is considered as one of the most powerful energy when in balance and well-functioning. In its open and active state, […]

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Healing meditation: Destress, flush out negative thoughtforms for wellbeing

In order to regain our mental and emotional well-being, healing is necessary. Our busy lives often cause us to become oblivious to our health. Healing meditation is also known as self-healing.  Healing meditation calms the mind and regulates emotions. The practice of meditation for over a period of time brings emotional and mental peace, physical […]

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Chakra trauma healing: Types of traumas and how to heal them completely

Trauma is triggered as an emotional response to external shocking events such as accidents, violence, sexual abuse, rape, or natural calamity. Traumas can be treated through chakra healing. When there is an emotional outburst, the chakras become congested or blocked. The chakras are clogged with energies like fear, shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, confusion, etc. […]

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Power Chakra: Manipura Chakra (How To Open It And Have Emotional Balance)

Manipura chakra is an important energy center, vital for success in almost all walks of life. It represents our courage, grit, and persistence to accomplish our goals. Manipura chakra location is, at the hollow area between the ribs. This center is important as it stores a lot of our lower emotions like greed, jealousy, selfishness, […]

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