Chakra trauma healing: Types of traumas and how to heal them completely

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Trauma is triggered as an emotional response to external shocking events such as accidents, violence, sexual abuse, rape, or natural calamity.

Traumas can be treated through chakra healing. When there is an emotional outburst, the chakras become congested or blocked. The chakras are clogged with energies like fear, shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, confusion, etc. Through healing, the chakras can release any emotions that trigger traumatic memories. 

Types of traumas

  • Acute trauma

Acute trauma is often triggered by a single event that takes place within a person's life. There could be various reasons for a person to suffer from acute trauma such as serious accidents, armed robbery, exposure to violence, etc. 

  • Chronic trauma

While acute trauma is triggered by a single event, chronic trauma is triggered by repeated, prolonged trauma over a long timeframe. Chronically traumatized individuals are exposed to a long-term series of distressing traumatic events such as serious illness, abuse, domestic violence, toxic relationships, and extreme events such as war. 

  • Physical trauma

Injury to the body such as wounds, internal organ damage, and broken bones can be considered as physical trauma. Injuries can range in seriousness from minor to serious, or even life-threatening injury. These can further be categorized into blunt and penetrating traumas. Blunt trauma refers to injuries caused to the body with a blunt object while penetrating trauma has to do with injuries caused by foreign objects.

  • Emotional trauma

Injuries or damages caused by emotionally traumatic events to the psyche fall under this category. Emotional injuries are highly toxic relationships, disturbing and frightful events, break up, divorce, etc. that hurt on the emotional level.  

Often, emotional trauma ends up leaving us feeling helpless and deeply unsafe. 

  • Sexual trauma

It is a sexual assault when someone is forced to perform a sexual act against their will without their consent. This can be a repeated act or a one-off event, either way, it is a sexual assault. Sexual trauma includes rape, stalking, sexual harassment, street harassment, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and online sexual harassment.

What chakra deals with anxiety? 

Chakra trauma healing: Types of traumas and how to heal them completely

Humans of all ages can suffer from anxiety. Anxiety causes feelings of uneasiness, fear, or stress. We all have often gone through this emotion before attending an interview, making an important decision, at our workplace, etc.

The Solar plexus or Manipura chakra deals with anxiety. All lower emotions are controlled by the Solar Plexus, including fear and anxiety. When this chakra is blocked or imbalanced this chakra can stimulate the fears and anxiety that lie within us.

This chakra is located in the hollow area between the ribs. The Manipura chakra is the center of both positive and negative lower emotions. Positive emotions include courage, perseverance, strength, boldness, and negative lower emotions include anger, annoyance, resentment, anxiety, violence, inhumanity.

Pranic or chakra healing is a very modern and effective healing modality, the chakras are scanned for blockages or for any used up energies, that are thoroughly cleansed. The chakra is also replenished with fresh prana using specific colors and balanced in accordance with other chakras for a smooth and uninterrupted flow of energy.

Most of the ancient books and scriptures mention the presence of 7 major chakras, however as per Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, and his years of research and experiments he concluded there are 11 major chakras.

Chakra trauma healing: Types of traumas and how to heal them completely

Which chakra holds trauma?

By taking in new prana and expelling used up energy, a chakra helps the body remain strong physically and mentally. An imbalance in this flow results in various physical, emotional, and financial issues.

The Solar Plexus chakra holds all your traumatic experiences and triggers them to bring them on the surface when the chakra is out of balance. When observed clairvoyantly the Manipura chakra that is filled with anger, fear, hate, or hurt appears reddish, this diseased energy can further manifest as physical ailments. 

In dealing with emotional or physical ailments, the Solar Plexus becomes very significant. Evidence suggests that prolonged stress, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, and trauma can lead to many chronic ailments, including diabetes, heart issues, cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, and cancer. 

An imbalance in the flow of prana in any chakra will manifest as a disease in the physical organs connected to that chakra. Asymmetry in the flow of prana through the chakras further distorts the flow of other chakras in the body, resulting in a multitude of issues either physical or emotional.

When somebody is going through traumatic experiences it's advisable to treat the Solar plexus, Ajna, Heart, and Root chakra. Meditation and breathing exercises, in addition to chakra healing, give a very holistic approach to treatment and enhance the results.

Which chakra is for healing?

Chakra trauma healing: Types of traumas and how to heal them completely

Chakras are energy centers and draw prana from the environment when this absorption of fresh prana and release of used-up prana is interrupted, it leads to blockages.

When a chakra is either blocked, depleted, congested or overactive then it needs healing. The study of Pranic Healing shows how the chakras can be scanned and healed and how the body can be treated for any type of illness. 

When a person feels stuck, low, uneasy in life it indicates the chakras are not functioning to their optimal. Usually, trauma is also one of the emotions triggered by something associated with the event or it could also be something that happened in the past that is deeply ingrained into the system and resurfaces from time to time.

Based on the following indicators, we can identify which chakras need healing

  • Mooladhara or Root chakra

This chakra needs healing when a person feels stuck in life, unable to earn a living, or struggling to pay bills, and lacks the energy to act on their situation.

  • Sex or Swadhisthana chakra

When a person is having urinary problems, impotency, enlarged prostate gland, or other sexual ailments the sacral chakra is affected and needs healing.

  • Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra

When a person is suffering from issues like depression, trauma, prolonged fear, anxiety, or any other emotional problems.

  • Heart or Anahata Chakra

Malfunctioning of this chakra may lead to heart-related issues, irregular heartbeats, or even circulatory ailments.

  • Throat or Vishuddha chakra

A disorder of the throat chakra manifests as throat-related ailments such as goiter, sore throat, loss of voice, asthma, sterility, etc.

  • Ajna or Third eye chakra

Chronic sinusitis or diseases related to endocrine glands are a result of malfunctioning of the Ajna Chakra. This chakra is essential for people who struggle with focus or mental clarity or want to have a strong will.

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Chakra healing past trauma

Chakra healing is a science of healing the energy body, the chakras that are not visible to the naked eyes are located on the energy body. The healing happens on the energetic level helping the physical body regain its normal condition.

Past trauma can be completely cured by chakra healing. These traumatic events or incidents are found on the Solar plexus which acts as the seat of all lower emotional desires and is triggered from time to time. A holistic approach combining chakra healing and meditation can produce positive results.

When a person suffers from trauma or a phobia, their thoughts and emotions become unregulated, causing the condition to become worse; they have no control over their thoughts, and they consistently attract those negative vibrations over a period of time, which may manifest as a chronic ailment too.

This condition can be cured using Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic psychotherapy, which involves the use of specific colors to disintegrate any negative thought forms or entities from the Solar plexus and increase one’s will by treating the Ajna chakra to regulate their thoughts and emotions.

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2nd chakra trauma: How to heal the sacral chakra

The 2nd chakra is commonly known as the Sex or the Sacral chakra, any sexual traumas are related to this chakra.

Sacral chakra can be healed using Pranic healing. This chakra when blocked may lead to several sexual-related ailments and trigger any sexual abuse from the past on the thought of having sexual intercourse with a partner. Sexual trauma requires treatment of both the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

In addition to chakra healing, a holistic approach to this condition includes meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and crystal healing. When the patient is receptive and willing to improve their condition, healing occurs faster.

What is the sacral chakra responsible for

With each chakra, a corresponding function is associated, and each one has physical, psychological, and spiritual properties.

The Sacral chakra is responsible for procreation and all sex-related activities. It is located in the pubic area and controls sex organs, the bladder, and the urethra. Any sexual urge desires one may have, stem from this chakra and therefore this chakra is also known as the center of the sexual instinct.

One of the psychological functions of this chakra is creativity, people having strong sex chakra are mostly painters, actors, musicians, or in any field that needs creativity. You can treat this chakra to assist in increasing libido and having better sexual experiences.

Chakra trauma healing: Types of traumas and how to heal them completely

Get hold of your life now!

Most ailments on the physical body are caused by emotional reasons, chakra healing can treat trauma, anxiety, depression, fear, and anger. Most chronic ailments can be cured by just treating the above-mentioned conditions. It is high time that we now become aware of our chakras and take things into control, and regain our health on all levels. It is an investment well worth making and benefits each one of us.

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