Why do chakras matter? Learn to balance your chakras and overcome suffering

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Chakras are an integral part of human existence. While most people talk about physical or mental health, little do they realize these are dependent on the state of the energy body of the person. The energy body envelops the physical body and all disorders first appear here before they manifest as disease.

Chakras govern the flow of energy and therefore the entire body. They are the entry points for energy, supplying it to the various systems and organs of the body. This energy is also known by the name “chi”, “ki” or “prana” and is essential for the human body to survive.

Energy is supplied to the various parts of the body by several energy channels called nadis or meridians. Where nadis converge, chakras are formed, however most often we discuss only the major chakras. Most schools believe they are 7 in number.

The 7 major chakras govern all functions, physical and psychological. They have such a strong influence on us, that one could say, they practically determine our personality. By changing the state of your chakras you can change the state of your body and mind.

Illnesses first develop in the energy body and if not corrected, manifest in the physical human body. Illness comes about as a result of blockages in the flow of energy. These blockages could be for internal reasons like a person’s belief system and attitude to life or external reasons like environment, lifestyle, etc.  

By balancing or aligning chakras, most physical, mental, and emotional problems can be completely or substantially controlled.

Why is it important to balance your chakras?

Why do chakras matter? Learn to balance your chakras and overcome suffering

Chakras to many may seem like an exotic concept, with its application only in the oriental culture. But nothing could be further from the truth. Chakras are relevant to every being existing on the planet.

Balanced chakras imply good health on all levels. This is because each chakra has a specific function and if it goes out of alignment it will produce problems on a physical and psychological level.

To cite an example, when the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra,  which is located between the empty space in the ribcage, goes out of alignment, the human body may experience issues with digestion, assimilation, and even excretion of food. It would typically manifest as constipation, IBS, loose bowel movement, assimilation issues, gastritis, etc.

On the psychological side, an overactive solar plexus chakra will make a person arrogant, domineering, overconfident, boastful, etc. An underactive solar plexus would manifest as the person being timid, lacking confidence, helpless, etc.

These traits can manifest in the form of anger, violence, irritation, arrogance, depression, anxiety, fear, worry, insecurity, etc leading further to serious psychological ailments. This makes balanced chakras very important for optimum health and success.

Also, it is important to note that chakras have an impact on each other. If one chakra is impacted it would sooner than later impact the working of other chakras as well. Let’s look at how this happens.

Let’s assume solar plexus chakra due to harboring continuous negative emotions becomes overactive. Over a period of time, the negative emotions and diseased energy may start impacting the surrounding chakra. It can impact basic chakra and bring about issues like pain in the spine, insomnia, arthritis, etc.

In some other cases, it may bring about ailments related to the heart chakra (Anahata chakra) like heart attack, cardiac arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, etc. 

And hence the need for balanced chakra.

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What is chakra healing?

Why do chakras matter? Learn to balance your chakras and overcome suffering

Chakra when in balance promotes great physical, mental and emotional health. Out of balance they can create several problems.

Chakra healing is the balancing of chakras to bring about good health. This process involves the removal of obstructions from the flow of prana. There are many techniques to restore the health of the chakras, just as there are with the physical body, including allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, etc.

Pranic Healing is a very advanced method of chakra healing. Pioneered by Master Choa Kok Sui, this method is today being used in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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This technique involves two simple steps. The first step is to remove the obstruction from the affected part and chakras and the second step involves putting in fresh prana in the affected area or chakra. These two steps restore the energy flow in the body making it healthy again.

Pranic Healing also introduces you to a unique technique by which you can feel the energy, to help identify the extent of dirty energy. Can chakras be measured? Yes, using this technique chakra size can be measured. The size of chakras can indicate the extent of the mental and emotional development of a person.

How to unblock chakras?

Why do chakras matter? Learn to balance your chakras and overcome suffering

As stated earlier, unblocking chakras becomes important for any kind of ailment.

Pranic healing is a no-touch, no drug, non-invasive process for unblocking chakras. You can continue your medication or therapy, as it does not interfere with it. It can also be used to prevent diseases before they surface in the body.

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There are other ways of unblocking chakras as well. This includes the use of yoga asanas, pranayamas, and meditation. This must be practiced under the guidance of a trained teacher. Incorrect postures or techniques can be counterproductive.

Crystals healing is another way to balance chakras. They need to be programmed before they are used. Pranic healing has advanced courses where you can learn to work with crystals for the purpose of healing and deflecting psychic energies.

Crystals can be used by placing them on a person’s body for a certain period of time, a person may be made to wear them or they can even be placed in the house. Depending on your need crystals can be used to promote feelings of love, peace, fearlessness, absorb negative energy, promote a prosperity mindset, etc.

You can also use color therapy, shamanic healing, sound healing, etc to unblock chakras.

Which way do chakras spin?

Chakras take in energy from their surroundings, this energy is used by the body and then the used-up energy is thrown out of the body. This is achieved by the constant spinning movement of chakras.  

Chakras spine clockwise and anti-clockwise. They alternate between these two movements. It's similar to inhalation and exhalation. When chakras are taking in prana they move clockwise and when they are throwing out used up prana, they move counterclockwise.

Both the movements are important and must happen for the proper flow of energy. When the blockages are created in the chakra, these movements become sluggish. It is no longer able to throw out all the used-up energy. This energy stays in the body and stagnates the flow of fresh energy.

Unless corrected this may continue and the accumulation of diseased energy produces disease. Pranic healing through its simple techniques works on removing the obstruction and allows the free and natural flow of energy.

Then by putting in fresh prana it takes care of the inadequate energy in the blocked chakra. When this process is repeated a number of times, the chakra regains strength and would start to function in its original manner. The process may take a different amount of time for each patient depending on individual circumstances.

What happens when you align your chakras?

Why do chakras matter? Learn to balance your chakras and overcome suffering

Your body knows how to heal itself. It knows its internal working and it is said, it works better than any machinery created by humans. There is a built intelligence in each part with a predefined rhythm for every function.

Good health is the result of the alignment of chakras. If your chakras are not aligned, your body will not be able to do what it is supposed to do.

Here is what happens when each of your 7 chakras is aligned:

  • Basic/Root/Muladhara/Base Chakra
    A strong sense of survival, security, and grounding. Lots of dynamism and vitality. Ability to earn money and sustenance.
  • Sex chakra/Sacral chakra
    Healthy sex drive and fertility.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra/Manipura Chakra
    Sense of courage, duty, responsibility. Healthy self-esteem, grit, and determination, Ability to hold their own, healthy and harmonious relationships, warm and friendly.
  • Heart Chakra/Anahata Chakra
    Makes the person joyful, happy, magnanimous, and able to forgive and let go. Compassion, kindness, and loving relationships.  
  • Vishuddhi Chakra/Throat Chakra
    Results in strong communication, expression, and creativity. Lots of attention to detail and immaculate work.
  • Ajna Chakra
    Strong will, ability to focus, long term vision, strategic thinking
  • Sahasrara Crown/Crown Chakra
    Cosmic consciousness, wisdom, spiritual awakening, intuition, and psychic abilities

What causes chakras to be blocked?

The health of chakras is equivalent to the health of the human body. Chakra blockages can be detected by an experienced energy healer or a pranic healer.

Chakra blockages are due to internal or external reasons. Internal reasons include our temperament, emotional makeup, attitude towards life, value system, etc. External reasons include physical ailments, life crises, adverse circumstances.

Due to ups and downs in life, we may end up storing feelings of grief, anger, resentment, jealousy, worry, stress, hurt, etc. These feelings are not conducive to good health and due to their negative nature, chakras can get blocked. These constitute internal factors.  

If the blockages are not cleared, with time they can result in diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, coronary heart disease, etc.

External reasons include an accident, environment, lifestyle, etc. For example, if there is a fracture of the arm, along with the basic chakra which regulates the muscular-skeletal system, the minor chakras of arms would also need to be treated. They would be all out of balance due to an external injury.

Similarly, if you eat too much fried, spicy, or stale food, your digestive organs may get affected resulting in loose bowel movement. In this case, the solar plexus chakra (Manipura chakra) is impacted and the imbalance is caused by external triggers.


Those who have suffered health problems, understand what a huge blessing it is to recover from it. Chakra healing makes this process faster as you can treat the energy body along with the physical body.

Treating the chakras can be a powerful technique and complement any kind of physical and psychological treatment or therapy. It can be useful for young and old alike making it an effective and lasting form of treatment. 

Balanced chakras not only bring health but can also unlock your hidden potential bringing you tremendous success and happiness in the process! 

Why do chakras matter? Learn to balance your chakras and overcome suffering
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