Stay Healthy By Matching The Right Foods For Your Chakras

Posted by Gabriella Jacob

Food is the main source of sustenance for the human body. The purpose of food is not just to fill you up when hungry but to also provide nourishment that brings about good health and longevity. Chakras are energy centers in the body regulating the flow of vital force. By eating the right foods that strengthen chakras we can prevent diseases both physical and psychological. 

How come a visible food can strengthen the invisible chakras for healing? The fuel that runs our body is – energy. Here we are referring to that vital force that flows through our body and keeps us alive. It is also known by the name prana or chi. Different types of food contain different kind of prana. The flow of this vital energy in the body is regulated by chakras. Food when broken down eventually turn into prana. Based on the kind of food we consume, and the kind of prana produced by it, healing of the chakras can be set in motion. 

The Concept of Chakras

The concept of chakras is thousands of years old and up until recently had been spoken about more in the eastern culture. However, of late the need for holistic healing – body, mind, and spirit have ensured understanding of chakras and their functions find their rightful place in an integrated approach to recovery.

Chakra in Sanskrit means a wheel and true to the name chakras are round discs existing in energy form. They exist in the physical and energy body of a person and it is commonly believed there are 7 major chakras. The reason chakras are important is because of the interdependence between the physical body and the energy body. Whatever changes happen in one, also happen in the other. If there are blockages in the energy body, there would be disturbances in the physical body also. If left untreated it can lead to physical or psychological disease.  Each chakra has a role to play in governing important functions of the body, and disturbances caused through internal or external forces will have an impact on the overall health of the body. 

Internal forces would include emotional and mental health which can be regulated through positive thinking, breathing exercises, meditations, etc. 

External forces would mean the environment, culture, practices like Tai chi, Hatha Yoga and FOOD! 

Because of the interdependence of the physical body and energy body, one can be regulated by the other. So if you are looking at strengthening your chakras, one of the easy ways would be to pay attention to the food you eat. 

Healing Foods

Stay Healthy By Matching The Right Foods For Your Chakras

Foods and their ability to heal have been emphasized in every culture. Long before the advent of modern medicine there was extensive use of herbs and plants to heal external as well as internal disorders. India had a very strong practice of ayurvedic medicines which even provided details of when certain foods should be eaten. There is also mention of at what time of the day herbs, fruits, vegetables should be plucked to gain maximum benefit from them. 

Similarly, every country based on its geographic location and climate had herbs, vegetables and plants available readily to take care of the health concerns that may arise due to climate and terrain of the region. In keeping with the same principle, nature makes sure the foods produced during a certain season would take care of the kind of nourishment needed by the body. 

Foods are able to heal and nourish because they have certain properties. When they are consumed in accordance with the need of the body, they can help to keep disease away. They are able to do it as food also eventually breaks down into energy. The quality and properties of energy produced would be dependent on properties of the food consumed. For example  if you are eating a lot of vegetables that grow under the ground, the property of the food would be warm and grounding. Such foods will help keep the body warm and strong during the winter. This is perhaps why nature produces such vegetables and fruits in winter season. Warming and grounding foods will help to strengthen the basic or the root chakra which is the seat of survival instinct in human beings and on the physical level helps to maintain body temperature.

We often hear how certain foods are good for the heart and some for your digestion, some for physical energy and so on. This is directly related to the property of the food and the chakras it can strengthen. 

If used consciously food can be a very powerful tool for physical strength and chakra balancing. 

Chakras and Foods 

Chakra nameFunctionColorRelated FoodsElement
Root chakra (Muladhara)Survival InstinctRedBeets, turnips, onions, apples, pomegranate, proteinsEarth
Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana)Control and balanceOrangeSeeds, orange, pumpkin, melonsWater
Solar plexus (Manipura)Ego, courage, “I” centerYellowYellow bell pepper, yellow lentilsFire
Heart chakra (Anahata)Love, compassion, griefGreenBroccoli, kale, leafy vegetablesAir
Throat chakra (Vishuddha)Speech, expressionBlueWater, Fruit juices, herbal teasEther (Space)
Third eye/Ajna chakra WisdomIndigoBlueberries, blue raspberry, lavender Light
Crown chakraSoul-Realization and cosmic consciousnessWhiteHerbs such as sage, frankincense, lavender Thought

The above gives an indicative list of functions of the chakras and what foods can be consumed to strengthen them. 

Beneficial food plans

Stay Healthy By Matching The Right Foods For Your Chakras

While there has been a lot of research done on foods and their health benefits, the body of knowledge provided by Ayurveda stands out because of the depth of details provided. Right from when to sow seeds, what time of the day to pluck fruits, vegetable, and flowers to what food combinations to be consumed and at what time to consume them, Ayurveda provides a complete and extensive guide. 

Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word “ayur” which means life and “veda” which means the body of knowledge that is more than 5000 years old. 

According to this ancient science the human body is made up of five elements namely- space, air, fire, water and earth. These elements are expressed in the form of 3 humors or forces in the body called doshas. These 3 doshas determine what would be the body constitution of a person and depending on it, food and medicines are prescribed. The three doshas are: 

Stay Healthy By Matching The Right Foods For Your Chakras
  • Vata Dosha (space and air elements)

Vata people are positive, creative, energetic, communicative, enthusiastic and fast-paced. Vata type often experiences feelings of anxiety, fear, indecision due to the racing mind, irregular eating schedule (they tend to overeat), have changing mood and erratic sleep pattern. When it comes to aspects of the body, Vata types are thin and tall with cold hands, and feet, cracking joints, dry skin and frequent constipation.

  • Pitta Dosha (fire and water elements)

People with balanced Pitta are normally very clever, polite, brave, friendly and intelligent. They also tend to be great public speakers, managers and leaders.  Pitta type often experiences feelings of anger, impatience and annoyance under stress, aggressiveness, overexertion, and burnout. When it comes to aspects of the body, Pitta types are medium build, muscular and strong with freckled skin that turns red quickly in the sun.

  • Kapha Dosha (water and earth elements)

People with balanced Kapha are compassionate, supportive, patient, caring, relaxed and accommodating. Imbalance in Kapha can lead to insecurity, materialism, laziness, jealousy, lethargy and excess eating. When it comes to aspects of the body, Kapha types are physically strong and solid with a tendency to gain weight due to their slow metabolism.

Application in daily life

Combining the knowledge of doshas and chakras can reap tremendous benefits. Understanding one’s dominant elements and doshas, one can understand which chakras are to be strengthened and which are already strong but need balance.  For example, a person with a strong pitta dosha would have a strong solar plexus and may need to balance other elements. One can do it by consuming the right foods. By eating foods that calm the fire element would help to balance the activity of the solar plexus chakra and eating more air element food that triggers the heart chakra, one can help transmute the energy from solar plexus chakra to heart chakra.

Usually, no person is just one body type. It’s always a combination of two or three doshas but you may find one body type which is dominant to the others. Also, you may adjust the types of food you to consume for changing your emotional status as well.

As per Ayurveda if the right food is eaten at the right time, the absorption of the nutrition would be much better, and the food can act as medicine. One can to a very large extent limit their chances of ill-health as a result.  

This can be a very important tool in one’s spiritual practice. Well-balanced chakras will result in harmony and peace for both body and mind. If you are looking at holistic health eating right is critical.

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