Power Chakra: Manipura Chakra (How To Open It And Have Emotional Balance)

Posted by Rosetta Jermain

Manipura chakra is an important energy center, vital for success in almost all walks of life. It represents our courage, grit, and persistence to accomplish our goals. Manipura chakra location is, at the hollow area between the ribs. This center is important as it stores a lot of our lower emotions like greed, jealousy, selfishness, apathy on one side, and emotions like a strong sense of ambition, drive, bravado on the other.

There are several ways one could try to unlock the potential of this chakra. One could try doing workouts or physical activities focused on the gut. There are several yoga poses or asanas focused on strengthening and balancing the solar plexus. This includes cobra pose, bow pose, child’s pose, locust pose to name a few.

Affirmations of personal power can help in blocked solar plexus chakra opening. To make affirmations more powerful one can use a mirror and repeat the affirmations while gazing into it. This practice can be done every day. Eg of the affirmations include “I am powerful”, “I am worthy”, “I am lovable” etc.

Crystals are another powerful tool. They have certain qualities and vibrations which they pass on to the one wearing them. Solar plexus chakra color is yellow, hence crystals for solar plexus chakra include yellow stones like citrine, yellow topaz, yellow jasper, lemon quartz, etc. One could also prepare an elixir using these stones.

Food can also come to your aid. Solar plexus chakra foods include yellow peppers, lemon, mango, banana, corn, turmeric, ginger, and complex carbs like oats and brown rice, etc.     

What happens when the Solar Plexus chakra is blocked? 

Power Chakra: Manipura Chakra (How To Open It And Have Emotional Balance)

Solar plexus being in balance can change the complete personality of a person. It can quite often be the secret behind healthy relationships with people. 

Blocked solar plexus can manifest as weak will, low self-esteem, lack of trust on one hand, and on the other extreme it can make the person very aggressive, give an inflated ego, make them dominating, power-hungry and self-centered.

The word “power” aptly gives the essence of all that this chakra stands for, however, the way this power is channeled will determine success or failure. When this chakra is underactive the person would be timid, lacking in courage and confidence. Such a person will have issues with their confidence and would also not be able to trust others. They may also suffer from poor digestion.

On the other hand, an overly active solar plexus can give a false sense of bravado, making the person domineering and overly aggressive. This kind of person may be overly competitive, ruthless, and power-hungry.

What we need to aim for, is balance so that the chakra and as a result, the person, can work to their full potential. A person with well balanced solar plexus would be warm, have healthy self-esteem, would be able to make balanced decisions, and would have a win-win attitude. Needless to say, this would mean a healthier body, relationship, and greater success at work. 

How do you open the Solar Plexus chakra?  

Power Chakra: Manipura Chakra (How To Open It And Have Emotional Balance)

Opening the solar plexus can be quite tricky, there should be caution applied when doing this, as an imbalance can have counterproductive effects.  

Pranic Healing is a very powerful method of opening and balancing chakras. Introduced to the world by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, it provides a safe method of opening, strengthening, and balancing chakras.

Whether it is the physical, psychological, or spiritual function of chakras, you are provided a detailed guide on how to work with them. Meditation is another great technique that helps to open and balance the chakras.

It helps the divine energy to flow into the body and over time, this energy clears the blockages in the chakras. A strong meditation practice can help you evolve as a person bringing lasting results and inner peace.  

Yoga asanas and pranayama or breathing exercises are popular ways of working both on the physical body and the chakras. They help calm the mind and keep the body also fit.

Crystals are an amazing tool to remove solar plexus blockages. You can wear them or even keep them in your house. Crystals however need to be cleansed and programmed to work effectively.

The use of the color yellow in clothing and food also helps in this process. Yellow crystals, yellow clothing, and yellow food will all have an impact on the functioning of the solar plexus.

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What is the Solar Plexus chakra responsible for? 

Power Chakra: Manipura Chakra (How To Open It And Have Emotional Balance)

Each chakra has its unique properties and functions, and the organs that it controls. Sometimes multiple chakras may impact the same organs due to proximity to the area.  

The solar plexus chakra has both psychological and physical functions. Being the “I” center, it controls your ego and pride. This center stores emotions like greed, jealousy, insecurity, envy, anger, irritation, self-assurance, spontaneity, courage, warmth, etc.

On the physical health side, this chakra governs our digestive system. It takes care of major organs like the diaphragm, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and to some extent the intestines.

Sometimes a blocked solar plexus would result in psychological disturbances, while there are other times when it may be more physical or show both physical and psychological disturbances.

Emotional symptoms of disturbances include intense anger or irritability, anxiety, violent behavior, panic attacks, etc. When emotions continue to pile up for years due to the inability of a person to let go or lack of unforgiveness, the solar plexus would get further clogged. In the long run, this may create further complications and diseases like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression, etc.

While the solar plexus may not directly impact the thinking functions of the human body, the emotions from this chakra can cloud our judgment. Human beings do not necessarily use only logic while making decisions or taking action. Quite often, emotions dictate what we do and how we do it.

A strict principled father going easy on his favorite younger child is not something unheard of.

Physical symptoms of disturbances may manifest as indigestion, constipation, bloating, ulcers, high cholesterol, poor digestion, and other digestive issues. It may also impact the functioning of the heart in some cases.

It is usually observed that a person suffering from psychological disturbance caused by solar plexus has physical ailment/s as well. For example, a person with anger issues may also experience frequent bouts of indigestion.

Another observation is that several ailments starting in a part of the body not controlled by the solar plexus may also have blocked solar plexus as the reason. This is due to the negative emotions from the solar plexus impacting it. Also, sometimes a person may take longer to heal as the solar plexus may be blocked due to fear or anxiety.

Guide to balance and harmonize chakras  

Power Chakra: Manipura Chakra (How To Open It And Have Emotional Balance)

There is no disputing the fact that well-harmonized chakras will help us to give our best, in all aspects of life. It explains why some people do exceedingly well while others struggle, whether it is in personal or professional space.   

Pranic Healing, being a very advanced technique, stands out in its ability to balance chakras.  Pranic Healing follows an easy 2 step process of cleansing and energizing, and anybody over the age of 16 can learn it.

The first step in Pranic Healing involves the removal of all diseased energies or blockages from the chakras. This is called cleansing and helps to resume the free flow of prana or energy in the chakras.

The second step involves putting fresh energy into the chakra or energizing, to further strengthen the chakra. These two steps help restore the proper functioning of the chakras and in time help harmonize both the physical and psychological functions of the chakra.

You can also learn the power of color prana, their properties, and how to use them for healing your body, psychological ailments, relationships, etc.

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Pranic Healing also introduces you to a meditation called Meditation on Twin Hearts. This is quite powerful too, opening up your crown chakra and heart chakra, letting a tremendous amount of divine energy into your body. This divine energy spreads through the body and in time balances all energy centers in the body.


Because of the strong impact chakras have on our physical, emotional, and mental functions, they practically define our personality. When there is chakra imbalance not only the functioning of the body but also our thinking and emotions are impacted. 

This makes it important to have the chakras balanced, and functioning optimally. As the solar plexus controls how we “feel”, it can play havoc if it remains imbalanced for a long period.

It is immaterial which technique one chooses to balance the chakras, the important thing is to do it in time before the problem becomes big. A balanced solar plexus can not only bring success, health, and long-term well-being, but also harmony in personal relationships!

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