Chakra Healing vs Reiki

Chakra healing and Reiki are often used synonymously, however these are two very different techniques. Though both are energy modalities, chakra healing works on removing blockages from chakras to heal the body. Reiki on the other hand works on the concept of transference of energy by laying of palms, on the patient, to heal. It’s commonly […]

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Chakra Healing For Anxiety

Chakra healing is a holistic method of providing substantial relief from anxiety. Chakras govern the way the human body functions and any disturbance here directly impacts the physical body and emotions. Removing blockages in chakras or energy centers, helps restore the flow of life energy thereby bringing life back to normalcy for the patient. ‘Anxiety’ […]

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Chakra Healing 101: The Complete Beginner Guide For Chakra Healing

Chakras are energy centers that control and energize organs and connected functions within the body. They are energetic in nature and exist inside and outside the physical body regulating physical and psychological state of an individual. Chakras are not only controlling our body and mind but also play an important role in enabling our spiritual […]

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