Open and activate your heart chakra: Powerful 20 minutes guided meditation

Posted by Rosetta Jermain

Chakras are vortices that serve as energy entry points for the body. They regulate and govern the flow of life force in the body. The 7 most important chakras include - root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, ajna chakra (third eye chakra), and the crown chakra.  

Happiness, joy, and love are the ingredients to open your heart chakra. The heart chakra can practically be called your “happiness center”. When it is open, you open your heart and mind to others and their ideas, making you a more receptive and amiable person.

Heart chakra not only stores happy emotions but also negative emotions like grief, apathy, sadness, etc. These emotions make the heart chakra smaller and probably result in the coining of terms “hard-hearted” or “small-hearted”.

Located in the center of your chest, heart chakra when in balance can bring you great contentment, happiness, excitement, compassion, love, ability to forgive and let go. A result of this is harmonious relations with friends and family members, better stress management, and a lot of positive energy.

An overly active heart chakra can however result in being exploited by others. Such a person may get taken advantage of, often being treated like a doormat. Therefore, too much of a good thing can be bad and balance is of great importance here.  

For the physical body, the heart chakra takes care of the heart itself, thymus glands, and lungs. Needless to say, those suffering from cardiovascular diseases like coronary blockage, cardiac arrhythmia, enlarged heart, etc., and lung disorders like bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis, asthma, breathing issues, etc. will need to have their heart chakra balanced.

How to cleanse heart chakra?

Open and activate your heart chakra: Powerful 20 minutes guided meditation

Cleansing chakra is very important for balancing them. Imbalance in chakras often produces disease, both physical and psychological.

Pranic healing can help you cleanse your heart chakra. Cleansing removes blockages, negative energy and allows a smooth flow of energy. Pranic Healing is a very advanced technique whereby you balance the chakra by first cleansing it and then energizing it. Energizing helps to put more life force energy in the chakra so it would get balanced faster.

Chakras can develop blockages due to internal or external reasons. Internal reasons have more to do with our emotional makeup, our values, mindset, and attitude. External reasons include an accident or a calamity causing the body to get hurt and chakras to imbalance.

Pranic healing can work on both physical and psychological ailments. There are some disorders that originate from suppressed emotional problems, negative beliefs, behaviors, or thought patterns. Pranic healing can treat them as well and help restore emotional health. It can also help you understand chakra location and its properties. 

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There are other ways of opening chakra like different forms of yoga, connecting with nature and animals, crystals, etc. Are you wondering how to open your heart chakra with yoga? Asanas or yoga poses including the sphinx pose, cobra pose, dancer's pose, etc. can help you. These however must be practiced under a trained person.  

Heart and crown chakra meditation

Meditation is another way to align your chakras. During the process of meditation, you can channel a lot of cosmic energy to your body. This energy is quite potent and has the ability to heal your body and mind by increasing the energy levels in the body. 

Twin Hearts is amongst very powerful meditation practices that can open your heart and crown chakra. It is a gift to the world by the Pranic Healing school of healing and spirituality. It is quite simple, taking about 20 minutes but has the potential to not only bring you a lot of calmness and peace but also activate your psychic abilities.

The meditation aims to activate the heart and crown energy centers. The heart chakra is the center of emotions for people we know, for example, our parents, children, relatives, friends, etc. The crown chakra on the hand is the center for illumination, cosmic consciousness, and love, i.e. love for people we don’t know. An apt example of this would be someone like Mother Teresa who devoted her life to helping complete strangers.  

One cannot invoke love for all humanity without invoking love for their loved ones. So, the meditation first aims to activate the heart center and then the crown center. This activation of crown chakra can result in activating psychic abilities like intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.

One of the key parts of this meditation is to bless the earth and all living beings, especially the ones who are suffering. As you invoke divine energy to pass through you for blessings, the energy also cleanses and energizes all your energy centers, thereby balancing lower and upper chakras.

Benefits of heart chakra meditation

Open and activate your heart chakra: Powerful 20 minutes guided meditation

Benefits from meditation have been extensively documented. Lately, with the pandemic and the stress that ensued both from the fear of mortality and WFH, meditation is being recommended for all.  

Balancing and opening the heart chakra is the most important outcome of the heart chakra meditation. What happens when the heart chakra is activated? It might be easier to go through vagaries of life, fears, trials, and tribulations when there is more love and joy in the heart. Heart chakra when open fills you with a lot of positive thinking, excitement, and zeal. 

The heart chakra is also the key to higher psychic faculties. A person with an open heart chakra would find it easier to grow spiritually. This is because the center for psychic faculties, the crown chakra can be opened only after the heart chakra is activated and developed.

You may have noticed, highly evolved, spiritual people also have very compassionate hearts which makes them love people unconditionally and forgive easily. They show great generosity with what they have and don’t have the tendency to accumulate material possessions.

Heart chakra meditation would also help to get better health. By relieving a person of their stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions, a balanced heart chakra can support better physical health and recovery from the ailment, if any.  

How to open the heart chakra in minutes?

When chakras are open and balanced, apart from bestowing good health and peace of mind, they also make the person sharper, with a lot of clarity of mind and wisdom. Needless to say, success and material well being are a by-product of this.

Pranic Healing can help you open your heart chakra. Twin Hearts as mentioned earlier is a meditation to unblock the heart chakra. Initially, the impact may last a few hours but with regular practice of this meditation, one would find that these changes become more permanent, strengthening the emotional body. 

With an activated heart chakra, throat chakra, and solar plexus chakra, that can cause worry if imbalanced, also get aligned to a great extent. This meditation is highly recommended for those going through emotional disturbances, anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger, stress, heartbreak, inability to cope with what is happening in life, etc. 

By practicing meditation regularly, one may not only feel lighter and more peaceful but may also find themselves getting divine insights to resolve their problems. The latter is the function of crown chakra which is also activated through meditation.

You can also use pranic healing techniques to open the chakras. Pranic Healing teaches you the use of different color prana. It’s a powerful technique that can help regulate the pace of the chakras, they can be activated if sluggish, and if overactive they can be moderated. This is precious information and is not taught easily.

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What chakra is rose quartz good for?

Open and activate your heart chakra: Powerful 20 minutes guided meditation

Crystals are naturally occurring stones that are mined from the earth. They come in various colors and possess powerful qualities, inherent to them. These qualities can influence those wearing them or being in their energy field.

Rose quartz activates the heart chakra. It’s an attractive stone in blush pink hues and is especially useful in healing matters of the heart and relationships. Its energy is subtle and penetrates the heart chakra easily.

Heart chakra stores emotions like love, compassion, happiness, joy, grief, sorrow, apathy, etc. Rose quartz has the ability to gently heal the negative emotions in the heart chakra and emit more of the positive emotions.

Rose quartz can be used in several ways. It is often worn as jewelry in the form of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, etc. There are some who like to keep a rose quartz ball near them, or in different parts of the house, to spread the energy of love and maintain harmonious relationships.

It can be used in elixirs, creams, water bottles, facial rollers, coasters, etc. You can enhance the ability of a crystal by programming them to do what you want. This can also be learned through the crystal healing course offered by Pranic Healing school.  


Open and activate your heart chakra: Powerful 20 minutes guided meditation

Your heart chakra can be your friend or foe. It can help you become a very lovable person or someone who is avoided by everyone. It has been established that to succeed in your professional as well as personal life, EQ is as important as IQ.

No wonder heart chakra becomes critical for success. People with balanced heart chakra are often generous and kind, which ensures they are loved and cherished, rarely finding themselves lonely.

If you are aiming at a life filled with happiness, success, and holistic health, make heart chakra your friend! This is the secret to a richer, and more fulfilling life.

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