Losing Weight Is Easy When You Are Taking Care Of These Chakras

Posted by Jacob Brian

Lose weight just by using Chakra healing techniques...really?

When you embark on a new weight loss regimen, join a gym and start counting calories, how do you feel?

Surely, it becomes difficult to follow the regime and there is a sense of deprivation of the food and comfort you enjoy. Balancing and harmonizing our chakras can be very effective in healthy weight loss with certain changes in the diet along with mild exercises.

Losing Weight Is Easy When You Are Taking Care Of These Chakras

External results are a reflection of internal balance.

When you are at peace internally and have the right balance within, even if external circumstances are not favorable, you remain stable and calm. Your life is not dependent on external circumstances, as what transpires within is mirrored outside.

Your weight speaks volumes about how healthy you are. 

Most dieters quickly gain back the weight which they lose when the first burst of energy wears off.

In order to discover the secret behind losing weight and keeping it off, you need to look deeper and consider possible emotional imbalances like fear, anxiety, or resentment towards yourself that could be holding you back.

You can begin this journey by examining your chakra system.

Energy centers, or chakras, connect our inner and outer worlds, balancing our spiritual, mental, and physical aspects.

We all have a connection between our minds and our bodies. You feel drained and exhausted physically and mentally when you are low(internally) and feel vibrant and energetic when you are surrounded by the right people.

It is widely known there are 7 major chakras in humans, however, as per Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Modern Pranic Healing, and through his extensive research and successful experiments, it was concluded that there are 11 major chakras in humans along with multiple minor and mini chakras.  Each Chakra corresponds to the physiological and psychological functions of humans.

Pranic or Chakra healing is an effective way to achieve internal balance. This system is a highly developed modality of energy healing that uses prana to harmonize, balance, and transform the body's energy processes. Prana is the Sanskrit word that means life-force energy.

It is this invisible bio-energy or vital energy that keeps humans alive and in good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this energy as Chi. In Japanese, it is called Ki, as in Reiki. 

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Losing Weight Is Easy When You Are Taking Care Of These Chakras

Achieving Long-Term Results Through Chakra Balancing

Feeling good is the starting point for changing your appearance. Balancing your chakras is imperative to battling negative emotions and feeling good about yourself. The actions you take now will bring you benefits down the line.

Health and beauty are dealt with by Chakra or Pranic Healing through applications such as Pranic Weight Loss Program, Body Sculpting, and Face Lift. It helps you look healthier and lose weight without invasive surgery, rigorous exercises, or medications.

People who practice Pranic or Chakra Healing do this by understanding subtle energy and using it in healing. They project certain specific color pranas to disintegrate and remove fat, wrinkles from your system to ensure a healthier-looking body. In fact, these are emotional stores of negative experiences like stress, anger, fear, and grieving.

Weight and Chakras: How are they associated?

In reality, each of our chakras has the ability to influence our weight.

Louis L. Hay claims in her book You Can Heal Your Life that the following are all probable sources of excessive weight: Fear; the need for protection; Running away from feelings; Insecurity, self-rejection, Seeking fulfillment, and others She goes on to say, “Fat is related to Over sensitivity”

Many authors in their successful books mentioned that obesity is primarily caused by emotional reasons. The Chakras connected to fear and insecurity are Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra, Basic or Muladhara Chakra, Navel Chakra, Throat or Vishuddha Chakra, Ajna Chakra.

Solar Plexus

  • Front Solar Plexus: This Chakra is located in the hollow area between the ribs
  • Back Solar Plexus: This Chakra is located at the back of the front solar plexus chakra.

Solar plexus or Manipura Chakra is the seat of both positive and negative emotions: Destabilization of the energy body caused by negative emotions like anger, stress, anxiety, insecurity, and fear leads to obesity and all sorts of other diseases. It is important to keep the Front and Back Solar Plexus Chakra clean and balanced as continuous harboring of negative emotions can manifest into severe ailments like diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, constipation, and hyperthyroidism to name a few amongst many others.

Basic or Root Chakra: 

This Chakra is located at the base of the spine. 

Kundalini energy is awakened from the base of the spine. An active and balanced Basic chakra enables a person to take action. A balanced Basic Chakra instills a sense of security. When a person's Root chakra is depleted and small, there is a tendency to plan, you may think of waking up early each morning to go to the gym but unless your basic chakra is active and balanced that action will not be accomplished.

Navel Chakra: 

This chakra is located at the navel. 

It controls the digestive system. Any stomach-related issues are a result of an imbalance in the navel chakra. The Navel Chakra produces “biosynthetic chi” to draw in, distribute and assimilate prana. Anybody with lower biosynthetic chi will not find it easy to draw in air prana which will make them feel less energetic and more tired compared to any average person.

In order to lose weight, it becomes imperative to heal the Navel Chakra. Otherwise, it is easy to lose hope of weight loss, since you will not have the energy to ensure you reach your goal.

Throat Chakra: 

The throat chakra is located at the center of the throat. The throat chakra is the center of one's mental faculty which is also referred to as the concrete mind. It is used when precise details are involved like planning, drawings, studying, etc.

The throat chakra is associated with the 'higher creativity,' but the sex or sacral chakra with the 'physical creativity,' or procreation. The sacral chakra also needs balancing to keep the throat chakra activated and strong. Goiter, asthma, sore throat, asthma, sterility, and hyperthyroidism may be caused by imbalance or depletion of the Throat chakra.

Individuals who have hyperthyroidism generally have a congested solar plexus or  Manipura Chakra, it appears as dense red when looked at clairvoyantly as it is filled with dirty red energy 

Ajna and throat chakras are affected by this diseased energy.

This causes the throat chakra to become reddish and overactivated. If a patient has hyperthyroidism and takes thyroid medication for quite some time, they may develop hypothyroidism.

 Ajna Chakra: 

The Ajna chakra is located in the area between the eyebrows.

This Chakra is also known Third - eye chakra and the center of emotional will. 

The Ajna Chakra or third eye chakra can be also called the Master Chakra as it directs and controls the other major chakras. Weight loss efforts require healing and balancing of the Ajna chakra since this chakra directs and helps manifest actions, giving a person the will to work consciously to lose weight.

Pranic or Chakra Healing practitioners work with energy centers in order to reduce this accumulated emotional garbage and ensure a smooth flow of energy, thus end up with a younger-looking face and a slimmer body.

Pranic Healing or Chakra Healing helps in weight management by regulating appetites, disintegrating stimulant energies that of craving for food and sugar, removing negative emotional energy which adds to weight gain, and enhancing one's willpower. These practitioners use specific color pranas to disintegrate negative elementals. Breathing exercises meditation is also a good technique that helps.

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Losing Weight Is Easy When You Are Taking Care Of These Chakras

There are several reasons you are not losing weight

Do you still struggle to attain your desired weight despite constant attempts and taking efforts?

It is likely that even if you get rid of all the extra weight, you'll gain it all back. Diet and exercise are not enough to reduce weight at this point.

It is recommended to follow a healthy weight loss program along with Chakra Balancing and Healing, the following can have a significant impact on quick weight loss.

Self Care: 

It is important for anyone to have a positive outlook on themselves if they are suffering from excess weight issues. Only when you have a loving heart and accept yourself will you be at peace with your physical appearance. Cleansing the Heart chakra helps to achieve positive energy to maintain good self-esteem.

Increasing your receptivity: 

When you are receptive the energy flows and you get results, healings is effective, however, results are much faster when you are receptive to the healing and affirm that you are entitled to the healing you receive and be grateful for.


You should not feel guilty when eating, even though what you put in your mouth is very important to maintain your weight. It is important to understand what type of food one consumes, humans have an ability to fall for their cravings for junk food. A good relationship with food is encouraged and food should be blessed for any negative or adverse effects it may have on you as food has its own consciousness. Many people also have an interaction with food and develop a relationship in the real sense while on a weight loss diet.


When you do meditation on Twin Hearts, developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, you tend to have blissful experiences, the chakras are balanced and harmonized when your chakras are balanced it becomes easier to follow the weight program as you tend to become more aware and determined to accomplish your desired weight.

Love is a powerful force in life, and the results of a healthy relationship with food and body are extraordinary. It is just as important to give your body love and appreciation as you would to others in your life.

Losing Weight Is Easy When You Are Taking Care Of These Chakras

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