How to unblock chakras: Advance techniques under Masters guidance

Posted by Jacob Brian

Most of the time, primitive treatments do not address the underlying cause of the disease. Holistic therapies have been proven effective over time in helping people recover from physical and emotional ailments. 

Pranic Healing technique is one of the most effective and advanced ways to unblock chakras. The chakras are either congested or depleted with used up energies that prevent the chakras to function normally. In Pranic Healing, these used up energies are cleansed, allowing the chakras to function smoothly.

This healing modality includes scanning, cleansing, energizing, and stabilizing of chakras. GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui was the founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. He himself was a chemical engineer and an extremely successful businessman from Manila, Philippines. This scientific technology he developed was proven through his many years of rigorous experiments. 

Since its inception, this healing modality has helped hundreds of people better understand their issues in a much more comprehensive manner. Every illness is the result of an emotional setback, it could be stress, anxiety, depression, too much anger, phobia, an emotional eating disorder, etc. For many years, we have treated ailments without understanding the root cause of the illness, and that is why this healing modality is gaining popularity.

Master Choa Kok Sui was very practical in his approach and did not simply want people to accept his teachings blindly; rather he encouraged them to evaluate and only then follow his instructions. He sought validation from highly developed and evolved clairvoyants before releasing his knowledge to the general public.

Though the teachings were always there, they were miscommunicated over the years. Master Choa broke down these teachings and experimented for several years to simplify them for the general public to understand. Today one can become a Basic Pranic healer and start healing just by attending their 2 days course.

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How do I know my chakras are blocked

Chakras when blocked or congested with clogged energies can show several visible signs on the physical body. Pranic healers are capable of scanning the chakras, cleansing them, and activating them as needed according to the condition of the patient. 

Most common signs of blocked chakras include

  • Feeling stuck in life, experiencing life as it is, with no growth or progress
  • Frequent headaches
  • Financial problems
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Having problems within relationships
  • Any minor or chronic ailments
  • Lack of faith and belief
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Feeling unworthy and insignificant
  • Lethargic and sleepy 
How to unblock chakras: Advance techniques under Masters guidance

The above-mentioned conditions occur when one or more chakras are blocked. Each chakra is responsible for physical as well as emotional functions. The following chart gives an explanation.

Root chakraDepression, impractical and financial problems
Sacral chakraImpotency, urinary infections, enlarged prostate gland
Navel chakraStomach ache, indigestion, constipation, loose bowel movement
Solar Plexus chakraMigraine, Glaucoma, Diabetes, relationship issues due to anger & stress
Heart chakraHeart-related ailments
Throat chakraSore throat, asthma 
Ajna chakraSinusitis, Inability to make decisions, Feeling stuck
Crown chakraLack of faith, disconnected to the divine, inability to accept ideas or suggestions

Although the energy body consists of 114 chakras, it is only the above-mentioned chakras that have an impact on our health. Aligning only these chakras can bring balance to both physical and emotional well-being.

How to open your lower chakras

Chakra opening refers to a steady flow of prana throughout the body or chakra alignment. Chakras are known as energy centers and serve as gateways to the energy that flows across the energy channels and meridians to keep us healthy

Practicing yoga, Pranic healing, and engaging in leg exercises can open the lower chakras. The solar plexus chakra, Root, sacral, and navel chakra are referred to as the lower chakras. Having an imbalance in the lower chakras may lead to many physical, survival, and sexual issues.

Opening our lower chakras can improve the quality of our lives and make us able to earn a living comfortably. It helps in building relationships and maintaining a balanced social life by eliminating emotional instability. While a balanced sacral chakra helps boost libido and enhance sexual experience, a balanced navel chakra prevents us from experiencing any digestive issues. When left untreated, a simple ailment such as acid reflux can lead to very chronic conditions.

Many times we come across people who are extremely successful and very active, they are like a live wire and appear very confident and dynamic. Most often, their lower chakras are activated and operating at their best. 

Although such individuals may be considered successful in terms of their wealth and earnings, their spiritual success depends on how developed and balanced their upper chakras are. We should therefore seek to balance all our chakras rather than just a few.

How to work on sacral chakra

How to unblock chakras: Advance techniques under Masters guidance

Sex or Swadhishtana chakra is located at the pubic area and is responsible for sexuality, passion, sensuality, and creativity 

To open and balance the sacral chakra one needs to have a very healthy approach towards sex. One cannot and should not be repressive or think that it should not be discussed or talked about. Yoga, regular exercise, crystal healing, and meditation can help open and activate the sacral chakra.

A few very effective and useful techniques to open and activate the sacral chakra include

Yoga postures

  • Cat cow pose
  • Plow pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Eagle pose


Oils such as cardamom, rose, sandalwood, mandarin, geranium, lavender are extremely effective to bring back passion and sensuality and one's romantic relationship. We can use 2-3 drops of these oils for massaging or we can even use 6-7 drops in a hot bath. 

Crystal healing

The healing properties of healing stones and crystals are so powerful that they can restore our lives back to normal. Crystals such as carnelian, orange calcite, yellow calcite, rose quartz, citrine, tiger's eye, moonstone can be very effective to activate the sacral chakra.


A diet high in fruits, leafy greens vegetables, and lean proteins while limiting sugars and saturated fats help maintain hormonal balance. Food such as nuts, seeds, oranges, pumpkins, whole grains, legumes, foods rich in fiber, etc work wonders to keep our sacral chakra active and in balance.


When we repeat affirmations, we set an intention to make space for new thought patterns discarding the less useful and old thought forms. One can practice chanting affirmations out loud or just writing them down several times in a day. 

How to unblock chakras: Advance techniques under Masters guidance

How to unblock root chakra

Chakras can be blocked due to several factors such as emotional disturbances, relationship issues, physical issues, financial problems, worry, fear, lack of connection with our true self, or external adverse circumstances. 

The root chakra can be cleaned and activated effectively using chakra healing. A blocked mooladhara chakra can cause one to feel stuck in life and even stressed out about finances for survival. The root chakra corresponds to the earth element, we all feel safe and grounded when this chakra is in balance.

A person with a healthy and active root chakra appears very healthy and is action-oriented while those with a depleted root chakra are frail and weak. Having financial difficulties even for basic necessities like food and shelter is a common sign of a depleted root chakra such people tend to plan but never execute.

The Mooladhara chakra is located at the base of the spine and can be compared to the roots of a tree, if the roots of a tree are weak then the tree will also be weak, similarly, if the root chakra is weak our body will also be weak. The Mooladhara chakra is a major entry point for the ground prana and when this chakra is blocked one can act very impractical or unrealistic as there is no grounding.

A healthy and active root chakra is the secret to prosperity, health, and youthfulness. One may not be able to achieve heightened success with regards to their career or profession when their root chakra is underactive or blocked.

Pranic Healing effects help disintegrate these negative elements and clear chakra blockages, allowing the prana to flow uninterruptedly for optimal performance of the chakra.

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How to open chakra points

Chakra points are also known as energy centers, the place where the energy channels and Nadi's meet to take in prana to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing.

As opposed to the age-old belief that chakras can only be activated after years of meditation sitting in a cave or in the mountains, advanced practitioners today can help open the chakras within a few hours. When you learn to fully open your chakras, you can live a more healthy, meaningful, and peaceful life.

Most effective techniques to open and activate chakras include

  • Chakra healing or Pranic healing
  • Yoga practice
  • Meditation
  • Healing Crystals 
  • Chanting and Affirmations
  • Essential oils
  • Nutrition
  • Visualisations techniques

Open and balanced chakras do not attract diseases of any kind be it physical or on the emotional level. In today's times, almost no one is immune to emotional or physical challenges, making it all the more necessary to spread and share knowledge about chakras with as many people as possible and help them to overcome their issues holistically.

How to unblock chakras: Advance techniques under Masters guidance

Unblock chakras to live an intensive life!

The major chakras are the crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, navel chakra, sacral chakra, and the root chakra and each of these are called the energy center. The function of the chakras is to tap energy that is needed to maintain well-being from the unlimited source of universal energy. Our body has healing powers and we do not need any external source to heal ourselves but we lose this ability due to an imbalance of the chakras. With meditation techniques and certain additional techniques such as healing, yoga positions, affirmations for chakra realignment, and chakra stones we can achieve spiritual awakening as well as a balanced earthly life.

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