How can Chakra Healing help in addiction?

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Addiction and its recovery through Chakra healing

A lot of people relate addiction to substance abuse, but drug abuse or alcoholism is not the only form of addiction. Below are the categories into which addiction can be classified.

  • Chemical: 

This refers to the misuse of substances like cigarettes, alcohol, and drug abuse.

  • Behavioral: 

Compulsive behaviors are an expression of this addiction. It's a habit or set of bad behaviors that you repeat over time no matter how ineffective they are. Negative behavior patterns are now very common and on the rise.

How can Chakra Healing help in addiction?

It’s no secret that the chakra system is an important part of the human body, chakra balancing is becoming increasingly popular across the globe.

Traditional Western medicine is being complemented by more holistic approaches to healing, which emphasize not only the physical but also the emotional and spiritual levels of health.

In Sanskrit, ‘Chakra’ means wheel. Chakras are also known as energy centers, humans have 11 major chakras along with several minor and mini chakras. These energy centers rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, drawing in and out life force or prana to maintain and balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

11 major chakras control and energize vital organs of the physical body as well as influence psychological and spiritual conditions. An individual with depression, fear, or anger may have a chakra imbalance, which leads to negative emotions or even addiction.

Addiction may result in experiencing emotional, mental, and physical illnesses. Several chakras may be affected as a result of addiction, including the Solar Plexus, Throat, Ajna, Crown, Heart, and Basic Chakra

The Ego, the Root Chakra, and Addiction

Addictions are used by most people as a way of dealing with feelings of insecurity and instability. Owing to these emotions of incompleteness, so filled with shame, one ends up seeking an escape through drugs or relationships to feel better. 

Chakra imbalances in some cases may trigger depression and addiction, the progression of which may lead to chronic illness.

A healthy root chakra contributes to a healthy ego, which in turn leads to feeling confident, secure, and whole. Basic or Root chakra is responsible for instilling a sense of security in humans, it is the center of self-survival.

Pranic or Chakra healing is an effective healing modality that helps in recuperating the Root or Basic chakra. The healer will cleanse and energize this chakra by clearing away any negative entities which inhibit the chakra's ability to function properly.

Besides healing, exercises such as walking on the ground and hugging a tree are beneficial in grounding and restoring one's energy. Grounding energy from the earth can be used to recharge an individual thus balancing the Root chakra. Experiencing nature is something one can do. The most successful way to treat addictions is to treat them holistically.

How can Chakra Healing help in addiction?

The Chakras and Recovery from Addiction

Through various studies and experiments over a period of time, it was determined that chakras play a vital role in helping people recover from addiction. In the case of an addict, one or more chakras are blocked with dirty reddish energy, restricting their ability to function normally.  

The healing therapy is so effective that a patient can often be cured of addiction by simply unblocking their chakras, and thus have a smooth flow of energy throughout the system.

As per Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing, people who suffer from addictions have an uncontrollable desire from time to time. Smokers, alcoholics, or drug addicts, etc do not have control over their cravings as their chakras are blocked with negative entities.

If a person is willing, pranic or chakra healing can help them overcome addiction. Pranic Healers disintegrate elementals responsible for addiction with the help of specific color pranas like orange, red, violet, green, etc.

Chakras that are generally affected in addicts.

  • The Basic or Root Chakra: 

It is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is associated with the instinct of self-survival. The Root chakra is related to dynamism and taking action.

The most common addictions correlated to malfunctioning of this chakra include gambling, excessive shopping, drugs such as heroin, cocaine, alcoholism.

  • The Sex or Sacral Chakra: 

It is located in the pubic area. This chakra is the center of the sexual instinct, it is also the center of procreation and controls all the sex organs like the bladder, urethra, etc. 

Sacral chakra blockages can cause various issues such as impotency, urinary problems, sexual addiction, etc.

Sexual abuse, porn addictions are related to the malfunctioning of this chakra.

  • The Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra: 

It is located between the ribs. This chakra is the center of positive and negative emotions. Negative emotions include anger, hatred, fear, addiction, etc. This chakra represents the desire for either a higher or lower nature. When it is lower, it is referred to as an addiction. 

It is common for people to be addicted to food, sugars, carbonated beverages, sex, etc. when the Solar Plexus chakra is imbalanced.

  • The Heart Chakra: 

It is located in the heart area. This chakra is associated with affection, kindness, mercy, compassion, and all higher emotions. 

According to Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, known for his teachings on Esoteric Healing, addictions are blocked heart chakra issues. As a result, we must maintain a clean heart chakra.

Addictions such as tobacco, smoking, drugs abuse, etc are associated with this chakra.

  • The Throat or Vishuddhi Chakra: 

It is located at the center of the throat. This chakra is associated with acquiring knowledge as it is the center of the concrete mind. This chakra controls and energizes the throat, larynx, trachea, etc. 

Addictions to weed, heroin, tobacco (smoking and chew) are generally affiliated with this chakra.

  • The Ajna Chakra: 

It is located in between the eyebrows. This chakra is the center of the emotional will. Having a balanced and clean Ajna chakra is essential for one to break free of their addiction because this chakra gives you the will to do so.

This chakra is associated with addictions such as hallucinations, drugs, psychedelic drugs, substances, etc.

It is located at the top of the head. This chakra is the center of divine oneness or self-realization. This chakra controls the pineal gland, brain, and entire body.

This chakra includes addictions such as hallucinogens, psychedelic drugs, etc.

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The benefits of meditation on addicts.

  • Meditation on the Twin Hearts: 

This meditation is a gift from Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (Founder of Arhatic Yoga and Pranic Healing) to the world.

This meditation has the power to help reduce stress, anxiety, negativity and increases your self-esteem. It instills a sense of peace, kindness, compassion, love, and joy. It helps in stabilizing one’s mood and behavior.

When you practice this meditation regularly, it facilitates the improvement of relationships. You will find you radiate more love as this meditation activates your heart chakra. 

Anyone suffering from drug addiction or any kind of addiction is advised to practice this meditation as it has cleansing effects on the energy body.

Addicts have negative elementals lodged into their chakras and have holes and cracks in their protective webs, this meditation facilitates the cleansing of these negative elementals, thus increasing one's ability to come out of addiction.

How can Chakra Healing help in addiction?

What are the 7 healing chakras?

Although it is widely believed that there are only 7 chakras in the human system, according to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, there are 11 major chakras along with minor and mini chakras.

The below table outlines the 11 major chakras:  

Pranic HealingCommonly knownLocation
CrownSahasrara chakraAt the top of the head
ForeheadThird-Eye chakraCenter of the forehead
AjnaThird-Eye chakraIn between the eyebrows
ThroatVishuddhi chakraat the center of the throat
Front HeartAnahata chakrain the front of the heart
Back HeartAnahata chakraat the back of the heart
Front Solar PlexusManipura chakrahollow area between ribs
Back Solar PlexusManipura chakraat the back of the front solar plexus
NavelThird chakraat the navel
SexSacral or Swadhisthanain the pubic region
BasicRoot or Manipuraat the base of the spine

Which chakra is responsible for emotions?

Manipura or Solar Plexus chakra is the chakra for positive and negative lower emotions. Love, compassion, joy, happiness, courage, kindness are some examples of positive emotions. Negative emotions include greed, anger, hate, jealousy, violence, etc.

What does Chakra Healing do?

Chakra Healing is a form of energy healing that focuses on balancing the 11 chakras of the human system thus helping improve overall health and well-being. These Chakras are on the energy body and thus not visible to naked eyes, one has to be clairvoyant to see these chakras, and hence this form of healing is known as energy healing.

Take control of your life now!

Addiction is common across all age groups, the youth are more into substance and drug addiction, while the other age groups fall into the category of smoking, alcohol, tobacco, or behavioral addictions. Regardless of how dire the situation may be, it is imperative to address and discuss this issue as soon as possible. 

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