Does Chakra healing help increase fertility?

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Sacral Chakra or Sex Chakra: how does it affect fertility?

There are 11 Major Chakras and multiple minor and mini chakras in humans, each chakra corresponds to different physiological and psychological functions.

The Sex or Sacral Chakra controls and energizes the reproductive organs This chakra is also commonly known as the Swadhisthana chakra. It is observed that the Sex chakra is malfunctioning in the case of infertile couples. 

When this chakra is having abnormal movement or is clogged with diseased and dense energy, it may affect other related chakras like the Basic or Root, Ajna, Throat, Perineum minor chakras. 

Pranic or Chakra healing is an advanced healing modality that cleanses and energizes the chakras, this therapy is a no-touch no-drug therapy where the patient can also be healed distantly unlike Reiki. A Pranic healer will usually understand and analyze the cause of infertility and accordingly work on the affected chakras to improve and balance the sexual energy. 

In most cases the results are astonishing and a couple can conceive only after a few sessions, some may take longer. Pranic healers use certain specific color pranas like Red, Orange, Green, or Violet to disintegrate and purge diseased entities to improve chances of pregnancy.

Does Chakra healing help increase fertility?

Release Fertility Blockages: 

The Sex or Sacral chakra is associated with procreation and it controls the reproductive organs, it is also known as the chakra for imagination and self-worth. Energy blockages in this chakra may result in reducing possibilities of getting pregnant or can lead to infertility. It could happen due to stress, improper sleep, an unbalanced diet, overworking, lifestyle issues, etc. 

There are times when we believe that our body does not deserve rest or compassion when on the contrary it is the exact opposite. It's also common that we tend to overlook our internal condition and usually blame the external factors without addressing what's happening with us on the inside.

Pranic or Chakra Healing is a highly evolved and effective healing modality in current times. Chakras are energy centers that take prana from the universe to maintain

Our bodies can heal themselves,  Pranic or Chakra Healing expedites this process of healing.

Chakras related to fertility

Although we have 11 major chakras along with other minor and mini chakras, the following Chakras are treated to increase fertility.

  • Sex or Swadhisthana Chakra: This chakra is located in the pubic area and has shades of red and orange color prana when observed clairvoyantly. This chakra is associated with procreation and controls reproductive organs and their functions. One of the significant causes of Infertility can be the malfunctioning of the Sex chakra.
  • Basic or Muladhara Chakra: This chakra is located at the base of the spine and also has fair control over the reproductive organs, when the basic chakra malfunctions it can have an impact on the reproductive organs.
  • Ajna Chakra: This chakra is located between the eyebrows and is also referred to as the Third eye chakra. There is a connection between the Sex and Ajna chakras since the Ajna chakra influences the Sex chakra, dysfunction of the Ajna chakra impacts the Sex chakra, which is why it is equally important to heal both the Ajna chakra.
  • Throat Chakra: This chakra is located at the center of the throat. It corresponds to Higher creativity while the Sex chakra corresponds to lower creativity and therefore they are closely associated. The throat chakra is usually found malfunctioning when the sex chakra is depleted.

For a detailed explanation on all the 11 major chakras and to know more about what Pranic healing is log onto

Which chakra is responsible for fertility?

The Sex or Sacral Chakra primarily controls and energizes the reproductive organs and thus is responsible for fertility. Ajna chakra that controls and energizes the endocrine system also has some control over the reproductive organs. The Throat (Vishuddha) chakra and the Basic (Root) chakra energizes the sex chakra and therefore also have control over the reproductive organs.

Is meditation good for fertility?

As per research and statistics, it is observed women who are under stress and dealing with depression are less likely to get pregnant than those who are relaxed and at peace. Our human body has its intelligence and when under stress it realizes that it is not the appropriate time to conceive as the body is unstable.

It is recommended to meditate to reduce stress levels, one can follow Meditation on the Twin Hearts developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, this meditation when done regularly brings in a sense of peace, it helps reduce the stress levels in the system. This meditation aims at improving the physical, mental and emotional health of a person. Once a woman conceives it is recommended to avoid this meditation as the energy flow is too potent and can be overwhelming, it is advisable to take guidance from an expert and certified Pranic Healer.

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How do you increase fertility?

  • Healthy balanced diet: A well-balanced nutritional diet is a must for any couple who is struggling to have a baby. It is recommended that one should include elements such as iron, zinc, calcium in their diet in a balanced way to boost fertility. Vitamin B6 and C also help women in conceiving and are recommended to consume in a balanced way.
  • No alcohol or tobacco: Toxins that enter the body through the consumption of alcohol and tobacco can harm the sperm quality and the sperm count, ovulation process and thus reducing chances of conceiving.
  • Improve your Sleep quality: When you do not get sufficient sleep it can have an impact on the hormone levels in the body, good quality sleep helps in increasing fertility. In addition to low fertility, inadequate sleep can also have other health issues like migraine, heart diseases, hypertension, etc.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercising regularly helps in improving the overall condition of the body on the physical and mental level by reducing stress. Exercises also help in improving stamina and rejuvenate. Walking, bicycling, yoga, pilates, swimming are some recommended forms of exercises that can help improve fertility.
  • Reduce weight: Obesity can cause irregular menstrual cycles and can reduce one’s fertility. As per research women with a higher BMI above 27 are less likely to conceive a child than those in the normal weight range. In males, obesity can cause hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction, and other health issues like Type 2 diabetes and sleep disorders that can hamper one's testosterone levels.
  • Reduce caffeine intake: One should not consume more than 200milligrams of caffeine per day, it is found that excessive consumption of caffeine can harm the fallopian tube muscles making it difficult to get pregnant.
  • Timing matters: Women are most fertile on the 11th to 15th day in a 28-day cycle, it is recommended to indulge in sex on your most fertile days to improve the chances of conceiving. 
  • Meditation: Meditation improves the overall condition on the physical, emotional and mental level thus reducing stress levels, hormonal imbalance occurs when the body is under stress which is another significant reason for infertility, one can practice meditation along with some breathing techniques to improve the mental condition.
  • Chakra Balancing or Pranic Healing: Sex or Sacral chakra is the primary chakra that is affected in infertile couples along with Basic, Throat, and Ajna chakras. Pranic or Chakra healing can bring about a balance and harmonize for the effective functioning of these chakras. There is a history of successful results of couples being able to conceive a child using this effective healing modality.
Does Chakra healing help increase fertility?

How do Balanced Chakras Increase the chances of pregnancy? 

It is observed that a woman going through fertility issues does not have a fluent energy flow in one or more chakras and thus making it difficult to give birth or achieve pregnancy. Fertility issues could be for various reasons however sexual energy or commonly known as feminine energy in a woman may not be as potent as needed to give birth due to imbalance in the hormones which is an effect of malfunctioning of the chakras. Hence fertility issues could be overcome by balancing and harmonizing chakras.

Is it true that a lower chakra is the one required to undergo conception?

Lower chakras refer to the Sex, Basic, Navel, Perenium chakras. Infertility can be attributed to several factors. In an infertile couple, the lower chakras are affected and are in a state of imbalance when observed clairvoyantly. Healing can be very effective in such cases, by cleansing and energizing the chakras one can increase their chances of getting pregnant. Pranic healing can be learned in 2 days post which one can heal self and others. Some cases may need an advanced level of healing, you can always reach out on the below-mentioned link for guidance or more experienced healers.

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Always good to remember !

In the majority of cases, a woman is seeking connection and intimacy, not sex. Also, It is equally important to be emotionally self-aware and have compassion towards oneself. Only when you have a deeper connection with yourself you will be able to express and know your desires better. 

It is very important to understand what the other person desires to get the best out of the companionship. This creative energy when used appropriately can fulfill all the desires on this sacred fertility journey.

Does Chakra healing help increase fertility?
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