Chakras: Who can see them, their functions and their locations in detail

Posted by Rosetta Jermain

Chakras are energy centers that govern the flow of energy in the body. They determine the physical, emotional, and psychological functioning of all human beings. Chakras also have a huge role to play in the spiritual growth and evolution of a person. 

Chakras are typically invisible to most people. This is because they exist in the fourth state of matter called energy or etheric form. People with certain psychic faculties may be able to feel, sense, and see energy and chakras. This first requires the development of certain chakras that govern psychic faculties. 

Most spiritual schools talk about 7 major chakras. They are located at specific points and harmonize the functioning of a specific system of the body. For example, the throat chakra located on the throat regulates the functioning of the physical organs in that area including the larynx, pharynx, windpipe, etc. 

Chakras also have emotional and mental functions. Extending the example of the throat chakra, it also has the function of communication, creativity, expression, precision in doing things, etc. When out of balance it can result in poor speech, inability to express or form ideas, tendency to worry excessively, excessive criticism, etc.   

The human body is enveloped by an energy field, also sometimes called energy or etheric body. The physical body mirrors the energy body and vice versa. This is why, any disruption in the flow of energy, over a period of time, results in physical or psychological ailments. 

Since chakras are the energy centers, regulating the flow of energy, by opening or balancing them, one can help achieve healing of the body and mind. 

Major chakras their functions and locations 

Chakras: Who can see them, their functions and their locations in detail

Chakras can be seen only by people with the psychic ability of clairvoyance. Some with partial psychic ability may be able to sense them and understand their condition. Even if you cannot see them, they perform important functions. 

Let’s look in detail at the functioning of the 7 major chakras: 

  • Muladhara Chakra
    Also known as basic chakra or root chakra, it is located in the coccyx area. This is the center for prosperity, security, self-preservation, and sustenance. On the physical level, it regulates the muscular-skeletal system, body temperature, and general vitality of the body. 
  • Swadhisthan Chakra Also known as sex chakra, it is located in the pubic area. This chakra governs the sex organs, the sex drive, and the process of procreation. 
  • Manipura Chakra Also known as the solar plexus chakra, it is located in the hollow area between the ribcage. It stores a wide gamut of emotions ranging from anger, irritation, greed, jealousy to courage, grit, persistence, etc. It governs organs like the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, etc. 
  • Anahata Chakra
    Also known as the heart chakra, it is located in the center of the chest. It governs our feelings of love, compassion, empathy, happiness, sorrow, grief, etc. On the physical level, it regulates the heart, the lungs, and the thymus glands. 
  • Vishuddhi Chakra Also known as the throat chakra it is located at the center of the throat. It governs our creativity, communication, expression, and attention to detail. It regulates organs like the throat, windpipe, voice box, etc.
  • Ajna Chakra
    Also known as the third-eye chakra, it is located between the eyebrows. This is the center for wisdom and spiritual awakening. On the physical level, it regulates the pituitary glands, the eyes, the nose, the sinus points, but above all it regulates all the other chakras. This is why it’s also called the direction center of the body. 
  • Sahasrara Chakra
    Also known as the crown chakra, it is located on the crown. This is the center for cosmic consciousness, intuition, illumination, and connecting point to the higher realms. On the physical level, it controls the brain and pineal gland.  

How to activate chakras in the human body?

The human body and mind work at their optimal when the chakras are activated and in balance. This can result in balance in your work, personal life, and also spiritual development. How to get your chakras aligned, is an oft-asked question.

A very advanced technique of harmonizing chakra can be learned through Pranic Healing. With Pranic Healing, you can learn to feel and sense energy. It enables you to clean dirty or diseased energy from the chakras and put fresh energy into the body. 

With the help of these techniques, one can work on several physical and psychological ailments. Using the techniques of Pranic Healing one can also work on negative tendencies and habits like laziness, addiction to drinking, smoking or drugs, anger issues, inability to forgive, excessive guilt, etc.  

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There are various other ways of activating/balancing/aligning chakras - through yoga poses and pranayama, meditation, energy healing, with help of crystals, etc. 

Pranic Healing also teaches you a powerful meditation, to not only align and activate your chakras but also bring lasting change in your consciousness. In addition to that, if you like working with crystals, there is a special advanced course that teaches you to harness the power of these beautiful natural stones.

Why are the 7 chakras important? 

Chakras are whirling vortices of energy, taking in energy from the environment and throwing out old use up energy. This energy is distributed through the body and helps in its existence. 

Chakras control our organs, and on the emotional and mental level, they practically determine our personality. One can alter their habits and thinking patterns by altering the state of chakras. When the chakras are blocked or under-developed it would show in the form of a sick or weak body and underwhelming personality.  

People often wonder, how to figure out which chakras are blocked? This will naturally be indicated through the psychological or physical manifestation of the properties of the chakra. 

Let’s look at how people would behave when their chakras are not functioning optimally: 

  1. Low vitality with low energy in a person would indicate that the basic chakra is not working properly and needs to be activated or strengthened. This may also manifest as an inability to earn a living. 
  1. A person suffering from infertility, frigidity, or impotence naturally indicates an imbalanced sex chakra that needs treating. It may also show itself in the form of an improper attitude towards sex. 
  1. A person suffering from digestive issues like bloating, constipation, loose bowel movement, or more severe ailments like diabetes or high cholesterol, all indicate an issue with the solar plexus chakra. It can also manifest as a lack of confidence, timidity, selfishness, etc. 
  1. Heart enlargement, heart attack, lung disorder will all need working on the heart chakra. Imbalance here would also manifest as being miserly, lacking empathy, compassion, etc.
  1. Asthma, goiter, sore throat, etc, all are a manifestation of imbalance in the throat chakra. It also manifests as excessive worry and critiquing. 
  1. Disorders of the eyes, endocrine glands will need harmonizing of the ajna chakra. It can also manifest as an inability to make long-term plans, lack of clarity, etc. 
  1. Issues with the brain and the nervous system will need treatment of the crown chakra. It can also manifest as an excessive material attachment, lack of spiritual enlightenment, etc. 

This is why alignment and balance in chakras are very important. 

Pranic healing can help you find answers to most of the above concerns. It can help treat or even be a strong complementary treatment for the body. It is non-invasive, no touch, no drug treatment, and does not interfere with medication or therapy. 

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What happens when all chakras are open?

Chakras: Who can see them, their functions and their locations in detail

Many people still believe that chakras are only an eastern concept, relevant only to mystics and pursuers of spirituality. Contrary to this belief, they are important to all and can make a huge difference in your life whether you are a monk or a businessman. 

Let’s look at how a person will behave when their chakras are open:

  1. How to know if the Muladhara chakra is activated? Such a person would be very dynamic, full of energy, and would feel rooted and grounded. Apart from being very active, this person would be driven and ambitious. It's hard to miss a person with an open root chakra as they would always be on the go. 
  1. A person with an open sex chakra would have a healthy sex drive. If the sex energy is allowed to rise up in the body unhindered, it goes to higher energy centers and the brain, nourishing them in the process. 
  1. An open solar plexus would make a person confident, warm, friendly with the ability to balance relationships and self-interest. Such a person would have a lot of courage and the persistence to follow their goals without harming others. 
  1. A person with an active heart chakra would be loved by all for their big-heartedness, generosity, and love. Such people would be kind, compassionate, and forgive easily. 
  1. An open throat chakra would make a person highly creative and provide strong communication skills. Such people will be able to express themselves openly and effectively. It will also provide them the ability to work on detail-oriented tasks. 
  1. A person with an open Ajna center would be extremely good at making long-term plans, strategizing, and working on abstract ideas. Such a person would be able to have a balanced view of things due to the heightened wisdom, which gets activated when this chakra opens. 
  1. People with open crown chakra would often be highly spiritual, understanding the inner teaching and working of the laws of nature. They may develop intuition and other psychic faculties like clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. 

Which is the most common chakra that is blocked in humans? 

Chakras can get blockages due to external or internal factors. Internal factors exist within the person and external ones come from the environment. 

The solar plexus is perhaps the most commonly blocked chakra. Most human beings have not been able to evolve to the level where they can manage (without suppressing) their emotions well. Every time we are irritated with other people, we are unable to forgive or let go, we are feeling self–righteous, we work up our solar plexus.

This is the reason why this chakra is to be treated for many of the physical and emotional disorders. We store up a lot of emotions here which impacts other parts of the body as well. 

Let’s also look at what are the factors that cause chakras to be blocked. 

Vagaries of life, one’s profession, relationships, and financial struggles can all create stress and tension. This is one of the biggest factors in chakras getting blocked. It’s important to note chakras are inter-connected, if energy is blocked in one part, it may impact the rest of the body. 

Then there is individual temperament and some people may be prone to negative emotions like anger, impatience, jealousy, greed, etc which will again impact the flow of energy in the body thereby blocking chakras. 

Quite often there can be external factors like eating habits, accidents, lack of proper hygiene, lack of exercise which can cause an imbalance in the body, and in the process, chakras also get impacted. 

Balance your chakras, balance your life...

Chakras: Who can see them, their functions and their locations in detail

Chakra balancing can be an important ingredient in your life’s success story. Hitherto untapped, the power of chakra healing/balancing can provide great benefits both for physical health and achieving peace of mind. There is no disputing the fact that the state of chakras can change your life for better or worse. The decision to turn it around lies with you!

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