Chakra for money: How chakras affect your finances, success, and growth

Posted by Jacob Brian

Do chakras have an impact on our financial conditions? Many people would have overlooked this concept years ago, but in our modern age, due to the advancement of science, it is now safe to consider these concepts authentic and valid.

Blockages in the chakra system can be a major reason that some people cannot earn a living comfortably, regardless of how qualified they are or how hard they work. To make wealth and be successful one needs to feel secure, have confidence, and have the mental capacity to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. 

When one or more chakras are blocked it has a significant impact on the general physical and mental health of an individual, one cannot perform his actions to the best of his abilities. The ability to earn becomes a challenge especially when the lower chakras such as the root chakra and the solar plexus chakras are blocked.

One can become very lethargic and do not have any survival instinct when the root chakra is not activated, the chakra doesn’t spin appropriately to take in prana and function to its optimum hence making one very dull and with low energy as the root chakra is responsible for grounding and associated with money, action, and manifestation.

Along with the root chakra, the solar plexus and the sacral chakra are also responsible for earning and making a living, you may see some people who work extremely hard however they do not make a lot of money and some people have the ability to make money even while they are asleep. 

The difference here is the mindset with which they operate. Those whose root chakra is depleted may not have the energy to make decisions to take action nor do they have a money mindset. They may plan, but may not be able to act. The solar plexus is responsible for confidence and power, a person with a blocked solar plexus chakra is unable to make the right decisions due to a lack of confidence.

Chakra for money: How chakras affect your finances, success, and growth

Successful people or people who are very optimistic and secure and manifest prosperity and wealth generally are very dynamic and active, they appear very agile with an attitude of getting things done and constantly looking for better opportunities. These people tend to have a smooth and consistent energy flow in their lower chakras.

How to fix root chakra 

The chakra that is located at the base of the spine is known as the root chakra, it is also commonly known as the Muladhara chakra. A balanced root chakra is responsible, for providing us with the energy in our daily lives and enabling us to perform tasks and actions.

Pranic or chakra healing can be very effective to heal the root chakra, the congested energy in and around the root chakra is cleansed and replenished with fresh prana to make the chakra spin smoothly and return to its natural state. Energy healing is an ancient concept that has been practiced for decades but is only now becoming widely known.

For all who are new to chakras, these are energy centers that each one of us have, and since they are located on the energy body the chakras are invisible to the naked eyes. There are 11 major chakras along with multiple minor and mini chakras, the function of each and every chakra is to regulate the smooth flow of energy through the energy channels and chakras to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Some effective measures to fix the root chakra include

  • Pranic or chakra healing
  • Yoga postures
  • Mantra chanting
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystals & stones

How to know your root chakra is blocked 

A blocked chakra always gives signs and hints that are either physical or emotional. Physical signs could be a normal cold, cough, headache, or pain in the body, or stomach while emotional hints could be anxiety, mood swings, frustration, or even depression.

A blocked root chakra can cause one to feel stuck in life, as nothing seems to move forward. One can feel very pessimistic and negative about things in life, the urge and energy required to put in any effort are lacking, and one may even go through a significant financial crisis in life and have a hard time dealing with people and relationships.

Let us understand how it can affect you both physically and mentally by taking a simple example: if you have any issues in your liver or lungs, it is the solar plexus chakra that is affected as this chakra governs the lungs and the liver. However, the solar plexus is also responsible for psychological functions also such as courage, power, and confidence, it will also impact the individual in these areas. 

Chakra for money: How chakras affect your finances, success, and growth

The other impacts of a blocked root chakra include feeling nervous, anxious, feel detached from others, having nothing to look up to, feeling financially stressed, one lacks energy and confidence making them an easy target for others, feeling tired throughout the day, one loses their identity and feel they are not fit for anything.

What happens when chakras are blocked 

Chakra for money: How chakras affect your finances, success, and growth

Blocked chakras bring about a lot of physical and emotional issues. Each chakra plays a role in physical and psychological issues, which illustrates why a chakra that is blocked will manifest both a physical ailment and an emotional one. 

Major chakras and the symptoms that may occur when they are blocked.

Crown chakra: Also known as the 7th chakra

Physical symptoms: Malfunctioning of the crown chakra may cause disease of the brain and the pineal gland

Psychological symptoms: Feeling disconnected from our higher self, nonspiritual, not open to accepting ideas and thoughts.

Ajna chakra: Also known as the 6th chakra

Physical symptoms: Diseases related to the nose and endocrine glands

Psychological symptoms: Lack of will to be able to perform any task

Throat chakra: Also known as the 5th chakra

Physical symptoms: Throat-related ailments such as goiter, sore throat, asthma.

Psychological symptoms: Lack of creative ability, unable to concentrate, unable to express

Heart chakra: Also known as the 4th chakra

Physical symptoms: Heart and circulatory ailments

Psychological symptoms: Insensitive, unable to express love, kindness, 

Solar Plexus chakra: Also known as the 3rd chakra

Physical symptoms: Stomach, and liver-related ailments 

Psychological symptoms: Anger, anxiety, depression, and negative thought forms

Sacral chakra: Also known as the 2nd chakra

Physical symptoms: urinary problems, impotence, sexual ailments 

Psychological symptoms: Losing creativity, negativity, repressive behavior

Root chakra: Also known as the 1st chakra

Physical symptoms: Low energy levels, falling sick frequently, and cold

Psychological symptoms: Procrastination, depression, suicidal thoughtforms

To know more about chakras and their functions in detail, click here

Which is the money chakra 

Money is an essential part of everyone's life, one has to make a physical effort and also take action to earn money, however, it is also equally important to maintain energy hygiene to be able to function physically and also mentally.

The Root or Muladhara chakra can be called the money chakra since it is the chakra for manifestation, financial abundance, and prosperity.  One of the reasons why it is called the money chakra is that it provides an individual with the ability to earn a living, the bigger and more open the root chakra, the more it provides financial security and a source of income.

The chakras can be contaminated by external forces, negativity, bad relationships, stress, anxiety, or depression, which interfere with the natural process of chakras vibrating at their pure frequency. If the person deals with a situation unattended for a long period of time, the contamination of the chakra can be quite intense. 

Leaving an affected chakra untreated for a long time can cause a ripple effect on other chakras as well, making the condition worse and prolonging the healing process. With Pranic Healing, the recovery can be as immediate as 1 healing session or it can even take a few months to return to normalcy. 

Click here for a free one-on-one consultation with a Pranic healing expert. 

Chakra stones: Which stones attract money 

Crystals or stones have a natural ability to emit radiation that helps one become calmer, and peaceful and also have the ability to activate chakras. 

Let us also understand that using stones or crystals alone does not help in attracting money, it only helps in making one have more energy, focus, and a peaceful state of mind to go out there and achieve our financial goals. One cannot escape working or taking appropriate actions to earn a living.

Having said that, not all crystals are the same and also can have very negative and reverse effects, which is why expert advice is required before using them.

Stones that help attract money and prosperity

  • Citrine
  • Yellow sapphire
  • Green Jade
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Malachite
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Green Aventurine
Chakra for money: How chakras affect your finances, success, and growth
Gemstones collection jewelry set photo with black stone and dark lighting.

Crystals serve as tools to facilitate the purposes for which they are used. One should be very receptive and open while using them, they can either be worn on the body or kept in our pockets, purse, or wallets or just kept in our rooms however the closer it is to our body the better is the connection and can give miraculous results. 

There is abundance in the universe all we need is to tune in!

Most people keep trying and working hard all their life to be able to manifest a good source of income or be financially free. The struggle is constant failing which the repercussions could be strenuous relationships, failed marriages, unstable and unregulated emotions. 

We need to have a very healthy relationship with money and try and inculcate the energy of abundance. There are enough tools available in today’s world, Pranic healing is one such effective and most followed modality that can help shape people’s lives. We can bring fortune, prosperity, and wealth as well as a lot of good karma if practiced diligently and consciously.

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