Chakra imbalance symptoms: Guide on how to identify and work on chakras

Chakras are energy centers that rotate in a circular motion in both a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, absorbing and releasing prana during the process, ensuring emotional and mental well-being. Dysfunctioning chakra can manifest both emotional and physical symptoms Emotional issues  Physical issues Extreme mood swings Constant headache Unable to think clearly or focus Loss of […]

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Chakra for money: How chakras affect your finances, success, and growth

Do chakras have an impact on our financial conditions? Many people would have overlooked this concept years ago, but in our modern age, due to the advancement of science, it is now safe to consider these concepts authentic and valid. Blockages in the chakra system can be a major reason that some people cannot earn […]

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Chakra colors: Know their benefits and why Pranic healers use them for healing

Most people have heard of the concept of negative or positive energy that influences them and their wellbeing. It’s not uncommon for people to talk about bad energy in a certain place and the amazing energy of another. You would be surprised to know that energy has color/s and this determines whether it is “negative […]

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Chakra healing benefits: Aligning chakras with efficient healing science

Chakra healing is often considered hogwash by many.  Some people have a strong belief in chakras but associate it with being a part of a cult and indulging in rituals and activities that might not always be legit. For some, it can seem so mystical that it may be deemed beyond one’s reach. Contrary to […]

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How to unblock chakras: Advance techniques under Masters guidance

Most of the time, primitive treatments do not address the underlying cause of the disease. Holistic therapies have been proven effective over time in helping people recover from physical and emotional ailments.  Pranic Healing technique is one of the most effective and advanced ways to unblock chakras. The chakras are either congested or depleted with […]

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How to heal Root Chakra for prosperity, survival and success

The “ancient” chakra system seems like a mystery to many. However, like many other things in life, there would be very little mystery, if you have the right source of information shedding light on this esoteric concept.  The basic chakra is located at the base of the spine and is a very important energy center […]

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